Thursday, September 17, 2015

life lately: when grandma comes to town

life with three boys is an adventure. a tired, long-day and even longer night, adventure. i feel like i've finally hit my wall- i'm tired, i'm irritable and i am eating my feelings. so much for losing all that baby weight! 

life lately has been monstrous. landon loves helping out and he is quite the amazing big brother. he picked out griffin's jammies one night and they were so happy to get together for a picture. really, they often request a picture together [what am i doing to my boys?!]. porter has been struggling these past few weeks. he most recently fell onto a tile step right near his eye and instantly a shiner popped up. poor pooh bear. sometimes at night he'll do this to his bed. time with peanut has helped- my boys just adore peanut.
lately we've been enjoying time with our grandma shell. she came for the week while justin was in washington dc. we couldn't get enough of her! porter thought it was hilarious to bump her with his tummy. she was a giant help! we even got some swimming time in before fall comes. school and sports classes have started up again- thank heavens. landon is just dying to play with friends and get his energy out.
landon is going to preschool with miss kris this year. he has 3 other boys in his class [and only 2 girls] so i send my prayers to his teacher each day. how big does he look?! i am somewhat saddened by the passage of time but i love seeing how much he's growing and learning each day. he really is a helpful and kind brother. oh- and how lucky is griffin? growing up with a witch for a mother.
life has been full of excitement and exhaustion. my mom had a porter date one day so i could take landon and his best friend to go see inside out. it was so cute! and thankfully we had the theatre all to ourselves. i've been trying to help landon become more independent and learn responsibility at the same time. each day he gets 5 chores/tasks. 3 of them are actual chores, one is a homework task and one is a fun activity. i printed off some illustrated tiles that i laminated and made magnetic so he can visibly see it on the fridge each day. that, combined with a morning and night checklist, has really helped him become more autonomous. here he is helping make dinner one night. granted, it's terribly time consuming to let him scrub a toilet or clean a window, especially when i have to go back and do it again, but he is learning and is proud to help. and look how good he's getting at writing his name!
lastly, life has been full of family. not only with grandma shell in town but also a surprise visit from our favorite ben & emmy. their visit coincided with ben & autumn's birthday so we threw them an impromptu party. one that landon dressed up for. seriously my kids love my breast pads. porter's always trying to stuff his down it down his diaper. we've had lots of family time with mema as well. on labor day we visited the children's museum with her. we have been so blessed. i can't wait for my family to visit in a few weeks for landon's birthday party/griffin's blessing.

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KinderTeach said...

Next Friday eve, I'll be making my preparations to leave early early so I can love those kiddos of yours. Of course that means I better get some Cheetos.

Caitlin said...

Yay a blog!! As crazy and hectic as your life is right now, you seem to be handling it so good. You are an amazing mom. I need to do something like what you're doing for Landon, for Abby. Do you have print outs and stuff? Also, wizard Griffin is my favorite!! Fun fact: I have that same onsie for my baby!!!

Kari said...

HAhaha, that's hilarious about the breast pads, especially Porter sticking them down his diaper. And, I'm so impressed with your routine for Landon. The picture of him peeling carrots is adorable. Keep up the good, tiring, hard, wonderful work!

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