Friday, August 21, 2015

life lately: diaper bears & a sickly boy

right now i am holed up at home with my newborn and two little rascals so enjoy life as it was last week.

life lately was landon finally embracing letters and writing his name. i haven't work with him in several weeks so this makes me happy. it's been a little bo-peep boy who loves to put blankets on his head. this summer we've done package exchanges with our cousins. turns out we only got boxes from shannon & peanut- and man do they do good boxes! landon loved the spiders and bugs while porter enjoyed his snacks, of course.
lately we've been at the doctors. for well checks, for baby checks, for sick visits. and it's only the beginning. i'll be in the hospital then need to be checked, then the baby will go all the time. thank goodness for health insurance. life has been a little boy who loves to take his pants off [and i even found him diaperless one morning]. it's been some little harry potter boys and sleeping on the floor at mema's. landon was pretty upset he couldn't have a bed. at least it wasn't a bathtub like i got! and life has been wet as we've enjoyed our last days of summer [because i sure can't brave swimming with two boys and a newborn by myself!].
we spent a lot of time at mema's house while our house was getting ready for us. pooh bear just couldn't handle his lunch one day- ignore his horrible meal. like i said, i've really let myself go on the good mom front, especially when we were homeless. life has been naked and free as we spent a lot of time pool side. it's been a little boy who loves to read and learn words - and loves slurpees even more. ignore his stank face- he loves yogurt too, i just thought he looked hilarious with it between his eyes.
life has been full of smiles, like playing with mema or being a bother to your little brother. but it's also been full of frowns- like when your big brother steals something from you, or you run into the couch and get a huge shiner, or even when your ear drum bursts.
like i mentioned, porter's ear got clogged with wax [he can thank my side for that], then fluid and then the ear drum burst. which has left it oozing with pus for a week. which meant a horrible, no good week. fever, constant snuggles [which is all nice and fun when you have nothing to do and you're not 38 wks pregnant], and lots of whining. that didn't stop us from having fun though. we visited the natural history museum one day, went to landon's check up [where he FINALLY let them touch his teeth], and celebrated our best friend tanner's 4th birthday at gravady, a trampoline place.
lastly, life has been somewhat miserable for porter and it's not going to be easy adjusting to a new little brother. i often found him laying on the ground like this, unable to go on. or crying that his brother had inflicted some sort of injustice [like landon's ninja costume? it's for halloween. blast you costco for putting them out so early!]. thankfully he was feeling good enough to eat some ice cream at costco. and to stuff some counting bears down his diaper. for serious, he kept doing it after i would clear some out. grossy boy, i sure do love you.

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KinderTeach said...

Your whole pregnancy had been a whirlwind of trouble things with the kids, but that last two weeks, I hope you never have to go through again. Enjoy Mom for a little bit today but at least she'll be back in a week or so Ni think you should buy her an iPod for all this traveling she is doing for you. Love you baby sister

Caitlin said...

Look at you blogging with a newborn while I don't even find time to do it with just two kids! Poor Porter and his burst ear drum!! But its hilarious that he puts things down his diaper. I hope you're adjusting well!

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