Tuesday, April 21, 2015

life lately: eggs & garden treasures

life lately as been full of highs and lows - it seems like eating drywall is in the genes. i taped up the ledge and then swatted porter's hand when he would try to touch it. but then he kept touching it and i kept swatting. poor baby just couldn't understand this cause & effect. luckily the highs outnumber the lows. landon has loved swimming lessons [despite his face] and matching his baby brother. we also had a pizza pajama and popcorn party with tanner one friday night and had a blast! landon loves his bestest friend!
life has been hoppy! we celebrated easter a week early at school with a fun egg hunt and party. porter even joined in on the fun- more specifically, the cupcakes. my little landon eats the carrots & fruit then willingly gives his brother cupcakes. i love him so much - and i love eating his treats.
lately we've been dealing with life the best way we can when we are lonely and fatherless. landon often climbs into bed with me in the early morning and then refuses to nap alone. we enjoy the fruits of our garden labors then drink our weight in sugar. luckily my new present to myself has more then kept me happy at night. it's a kindle paper white and i spent a pretty penny on a waterproof case. i've been reluctant to try an ereader because i want to read in the bath but getting to the library has been harder and harder with two kids and hardly any time alone to run errands. i didn't think i'd enjoy reading electronically but i really do. i've found some amazing books i can't keep down and i am happy as a clam!
like i said, we've been going on a lot of outings to keep ourselves busy and happy. it's been trips to jimmy john's [a waste with kids]. this is porter's 'i don't want to eat dinner, i want to eat that cookie' face. it's been fun outings to the train park with mema after swim class. it's been digging through sand at the natural history museum. then digging through actual sand at heritage park [holy bums].
lastly, life has been chaotic and full of love. landon is at that awkward phase where he doesn't want to nap and could really go without it...sometimes. but he really needs somewhat of a nap. this day he barely napped then fell back asleep after proclaiming he was done snoozing. it's been a little climber who is very happy to be a big boy. it's been fun sunday dinners with our little taylor and another little boy who just cannot understand the concept of pedaling. luckily dad is a genius and put it up on blocks. and last but not least, look at those puffy cheeks. this kid is in constant danger that his food is going to be taken away from him. his favorite meal of the day is immediately right after he wakes up. food of choice- mountains of oatmeal squares. i sure do love him.

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KinderTeach said...

You've got a pretty good life and family. I hope you cherish it.

Caitlin Tappana said...

You do have a really good life. And adorable boys. Super, super adorable boys. Also, Abby would have eaten the carrots and fruit and given up her cupcake too.

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