Friday, March 6, 2015

turn off the boob tube & read: let me be your neighbor

it's taken 4 years but i am finally friends with my neighbor. not neighbors, that's just crazy talk, but one of them. they have a little boy who is 8 [an immature and small 8] so landon plays with him really well. often his stay at home dad and i will talk and shoot the breeze while the children run amuck. it turns out his wife and i have the same taste in books. you know it's been really hard for me to trust people's recommendations in books lately because i've been burned people, BURNED. thankfully this time i was pleasantly surprised by her suggestions.

the fifth wave by rick yancy is a teen dystopian [surprise surprise, right?] novel. it centers around cassie. aliens came to earth in a giant ship, then did nothing. then they released different waves of attack. i don't want to give anything away but cassie, her dad, and brother survive and make it to a refugee camp... and things go awry. through the course of her journey to take down the aliens and rescue her brother, she meets evan walker [of course]. they're making a movie, due early jan 2016. jump on the bandwagon now!

partials by dan wells [an lds dude]. this one is another teen dystopian. it's in the future where an army of super-robot soldiers named partials, who were created to win a war with china, rebel against the humans and a mysterious disease nearly wipe out all the humans on earth. there is now a lone settlement in new jersery who has survived, 12 years after the war, but haven't been able to have babies survive the RM disease, except those remaining humans who were born immune. kira walker [a common last name in books, i'm finding] is a medic who is trying to cure RM and meets a handsome partial who helps her figure some things out. another amazing book! i am already on book #2 with #3 on my nightstand and i am dying to know how it ends.

thank me later folks.

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KinderTeach said...

You and your teen novels. I think it's becau you secretly want to be a teen again

Kari said...

What were the books you didn't like?

I will add these to my to-read list.

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