Friday, February 20, 2015

holy life lately: sorry for the absence

i know what you're thinking: man, mel hasn't been updating her blog lately. well folks, you know the reason why now. i've been too busy feeling terrible. but lucky you! you now get a super long life lately post! huzzah!

life lately has been a mess. i feel bad so i don't do much. plus add in the fact that my husband is gone for session for the entire month of february = a smelly, gross house. for reals, it was getting pretty bad. notice the week old "clean" laundry on my bed i have been sleeping on top of. it's been a whiny little boy who better be teething because i do not tolerate whining in my house! unless it's mine! it's been lonely nights hanging with my other widowed friend. the boys at least had fun together! thankfully, the same widowed friend gave landon 'the best haircut. daddy's hair cuts are the worst' yet he still cried with both.
 life has been finding out that porter no longer resembles me in the slightest- he is a mini-justin through and through. it's been spending a TON of quality time with my little guys shopping at costco, becoming robots in the bath [and pestering his little brother] and drinking smoothies for days.
 life has been teaching my first official rs lesson as a rs teacher - and bribing my class to love me with a pb & chocolate combination. it's been a little boy who desperately wants to be a big boy and play with small legos at the museum. my mom bought him a junior lego set [so it's not so intense as little legos because some parts are already built] and he has loved and played with that little set more then i thought possible. legos are a mom's best friend! FINALLY, it's been driving our new spiderman car. mema bought this car for landon for xmas but it was broken and then we had to wait for a part that never came so we got a new one. worth the wait! it's been oinking out on delicious french bread french toast and enjoying a little sword play all before breakfast. seriously porter loves to fight landon with his sword - it's adorable! and frankly terrifying.
 lately we've been having quite a bit of alone time so we've resorted to watching more tv then necessary [hey! i need a babysitter! and paw patrol specializes in rescuing people in trouble]. it's been a CRANKY baby who i seriously am losing my patience with, especially when he freaks out because he ate all 4 of his nuggets in lightening speed while landon took his sweet time eating his 4. for reals. what a drama king. thankfully when daddy is home, we have gotten plenty of snuggles in!
landon recently had a little bought of sickness. well both of them did. landon had a high temp then some spots on his body = not good. i was scared it was hand foot mouth but thankfully he just had porter's cold that moved to his chest so we had to do a round of breathing treatments. it was terrible because i had to hold my 3 year old down with this mask over his mouth for 10 min while my baby screamed and writhed in the stroller the whole time. you'd think a nurse would come help but no. then i had to force down medication down his mouth. it was a terrible day. thankfully they both recovered pretty quickly. i know no one likes sick kids but i ESP hate it bc we're home bound. I HATE being homebound!
 life has been full of pleasures: seeing my little boy in his rebel hat that he loathes, chasing my naked little boys through the house before bath time [and porter trying hard as he can to play in toilet water any chance he gets, even when landon is peeing]. it's been friends just coming to your aid without asking and showering you with love and then showering yourself with some carb love. because who doesn't need donuts?
 lately we took landon in for his yearly dentist visit and i found this gem! our middle school was the molasky magic- and our mascot was a magical hat! this painting on the wall at the dentist is an exact replicate of the one at the school! it's been seeing all four boys play together and just be the bestest of friends. seriously i love these boys so much! and i'm so glad landon has a bff already. it's been a lot of dress up too. landon has been blessed with a great imagination and loves to dress up. here he is as a TMNT and a pirate with his boat full of treasure. that is not my favorite part of his great imagination- the great disaster he makes constantly. but it's worth it.
life has been more home improvements due to an HOA violation letter. we had to fix the tarp and rocks on our side yard so thankfully grandpa and kristi came to help us out. it's been landon discovering a wonderful new place to nap and porter in happier times [which he is not right now- right now he is crying and whining and yelling at me for ignoring him].
lastly, we've been able to see our favorite peanut which is always a treat! he is just so big now and it's harder for me to spend time with him. landon absolutely adores him though! it's been a knight/capt america to the rescue [i get him to pose by telling him i'm going to send the pics to buzz lightyear] and a snail on the loose! i just love making fun pancake designs and this one i was particularly proud of. and i know it sounds like no biggie but we finally got a light at our intersection! it's a busy street which we cross a lot going to the park/community center so this makes our trip much safer!
 until next time! see you in two months!

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KinderTeach said...

Speaking as Buzz we love the pictures

Caitlin said...

I am so glad you blogged again. Darn babies making you ill. Hope you feel better soon so you can keep up! Cute pictures!

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