Wednesday, March 18, 2015

pregnancy update: 17 weeks & counting

lets get real - this isn't really a
baby pooch yet. it's just fat
that's getting pushed out slightly
weekage: 17

poundage gained: none! i am quite proud of this because with the boys i had gained about 5 lbs by now. i am working out and don't have the hunger i used to have so thank goodness for that!

size of the baby: 1/2 a corndog

how i'm feeling: i feel pretty good most of the day - and then after lunch i feel terrible. just terrible. that's usually when i put both boys down for a nap so i can nap too- thank goodness. i don't feel better until well after dinner. i am hoping that being more sick means that this little baby is a girl. i can only pray!

how i get through the sickness: by keeping my life somewhat normal. i am proud to say that most of the people i hang out with often remark that they are surprised what i can and still do, despite not feeling sick. i still make dinner, i still go out, i go to the gym and i don't complain [well... all that much]. when you have time to wallow in your misery, you just feel worse. not that others who can't get up and do things during their first trimester aren't feeling genuinely horrible. everyones pain and sickness is so different so i won't even begin to judge. you do what works for you - and trying to work through the sickness works for me. that being said, i know people are way more sick then me- and continue to have kids. i would not have kids if it was worse then this!

what i've been eating: last month i just HAD to have great harvest bread for toast! i almost died trying to find one and ended up paying a babysitter so i could make the hour journey across town. applesauce is a good friend of mine but mostly it's ice water. i grew up on ice water and i've always been a water horse but lately, i ONLY take ice water. bananas, pretzels and slurpees of course are on the menu. and smoothies.

how the baby is doing: great! we've already got two ultrasounds which is fun. when i went in for my last apt, the baby was turned around so it took a while to find her heart beat [talk about scary!]. we go in for some of those big tests in the next month or so but i'm never worried. even if something is wrong, i'd like to know early on and prepare.

how the boys are taking the news: landon talks about his baby sister usually when we go to stores and see princess dresses/toys. he really can't wait to shop for a girl. i think he'll be the most disappointed if we have another boy. i think porter is aware that something is up as well because he's been more clingy then normal. he's started to get angry when i hold landon or hit him when he has to share my lap. he is still a baby so being 19 months apart will be a bit of a struggle.

what i'm not looking forward to: i realized as i was walking into a store, holding one baby on my hip, holding the other's hand and then toting around a 20lbs diaper bag- where will the other baby go?! luckily landon is very obedient and safe while we are out- always keeping by my side. still though, i am scared. i am running out of space! and arm muscle! oh and that diabetes test will be the worst.

what we're looking forward to: finding out the gender! we find out easter weekend when my family comes into town and i am beyond excited! the waiting time has gone by a lot quicker this time since a lot of people still don't know i'm pregnant. we are all pining for a girl but 3 little boys would be fun. chaotic, loud, and stinky- but fun. but two little boys and then [hopefully] two little girls? perfection!
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KinderTeach said...

Good luck with that "perfection" sister

Caitlin said...

You look so good! Seriously! So good!! I hope you stop being sick soon. Its the worst. And I am really hoping for a girl!! Your boys will be the best and cutest big brothers to a little girl. Especially Landon it seems. That is so adorabe he wants one so bad!! You're going to have to get a comfortable baby backpack thing to hold everything!

Kari said...

I'm so happy that things are going decently for you. You look fantastic and I'm excited learn what you are having! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a girl for you :)

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