Saturday, March 21, 2015

life lately: tantrums & fire hoses

life lately has been lonely but very crowded at the same time. justin is gone mon-fri so the boys and i have lots of time together. that leads to mischief- like someone stealing toilet paper [he is obsessed with the toilet. it is the greatest injustice in his life now that i won't let him play in the water]. or some boys knocking my books down and playing with oranges. thankfully we have reprieves like costco [hello pizza and samples!] and our backyard. it really is a boy's paradise- a whole side yard for a sandbox, boys galore, grass, a trampoline. i love my house!
life has been full of hardships. like porter and his cold/allergies. or getting a makeover from his big brother. this wasn't just any mascara - it was brand new fancy 3D kind. thanks landon! for landon, it's been joyful! he loves being outside and he loves playing with his brother. we just have to work on cleaning up his messes.
 lately we celebrated our grandpa dave! landon told him that a rescue boys birthday would be perfect for granda- and he ran with it! kristi and him did a great job making his birthday all about the kids. we had the irelanders over and partied hard- complete with decorations, take out from famous daves, new clothes for the boys, new board games and goody bags! we have a great family!
 *sorry for the duplicate picture but it is pretty hilarious so really, let's take a second big laugh at porter's expense* lately we've been making our time with daddy count! one saturday we went with the irelanders to red rock before it got too hot. porter was NOT a fan of hiking [can't blame him- being in a backpack and not being able to eat all the delicious rocks would be a hardship for anyone]. landon loved it! it was supposed to be a kid's hike but it was pretty tough for this 3 year old. i'm proud of him! there was even a waterfall at the top.
life has been about making memories. landon loves to play firefighter and so when my friend mentioned that her husband did field trips, i jumped on the chance. i organized a large group of my girlfriends and we visited the station one day. because his kids were on the tour, fireman jake gave us the VIP tour. including a chance for each kid to use the fire hose! for a couple minutes each! after seeing a fire house and learning about their job, i have absolutely no desire to ever do that and have a great admiration for those men and women who do!
life has been sweet - with some maple cinnamon rolls because i'm a fatty and full of sweet smiles from my little man. justin took landon to a free lowe's class one saturday and they made a monster truck. i can't believe they give so much to the kids for free! landon had a blast! porter has learned how to properly throw a fit, including laying half on the ground and screaming like a banshee. i just laugh because he looks like the old ladies from those commercials "help! i've fallen and i can't get up!". luckily they are pretty adorable so i'll keep both. for now.

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KinderTeach said...

You have a very awesome little family. I hope you are doing amazing things this weekend with Sailor too.

Caitlin Tappana said...

Oh your kids are adorable. I love these updates!!

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