Tuesday, December 16, 2014

our year in review - 2014

i recently sent out our christmas cards, along with our family newsletter. here it is for you folks who didn't quite make the list of cool people we sent it to. unless you want to be on the list, then the more the merrier!!
*photos from megan beals photography*

This year has been such a great year for the Harrison family- we had a population growth of 33%. With our new and expanded family, we’ve been able to travel quite a bit in 2014. In July we visited Utah and had a Zobrist family reunion. We were able to finally visit Melissa’s parent’s family compound in Deweyville. We also went to visit the Thanksgiving Point farm, the Children’s Museum, Hogle Zoo, and aquarium. We visited again in October to go to Justin’s 5-year mission reunion and were able to spend more time at her parent’s farm. The real vacation this year was our visit to Disneyland in November. Landon was so excited to go and continues to talk about it non-stop! Some of his favorite things there were playing the Buzz Light-year game, seeing the parade in CA Adventure, meeting Peter Pan and acquiring another sword for his collection. In December we were able to do a quick visit to Miami (or Mommyami as Landon calls it) as well. Highlights from this trip include Justin & Landon riding a camel at the zoo, building sandcastles on the beach and finding buried treasure in the sand. Justin was able to visit Washington DC and New York City on his own as well. We are a family that likes to travel!

Porter David Harrison entered the world on January 16th and has been quite a joy in our family. We had no idea that babies could be so pleasant and joyful! Now he is almost one and is even more of a joy! Porter loves his big brother but never more so then from afar. He also loves his food (chicken nuggets & baby cheetos are his favorite, sadly), water bubbles, and cuddling his mama. Porter is a very sweet little boy who most recently started crawling & pulling himself up. But don’t even think about eating food in front of him without sharing- no matter what it is! Despite being toothless, Porter can eat almost anything!

Landon has had an eventful year as well. He mastered potty training, took swimming lessons, started preschool, started soccer with Coach Mommy, and upgraded his status from ‘only child’ to ‘big brother’. He went to his first UNLV game and first movie in the movie-gater this year. He loves playing legos and has a great imagination. His favorite things to play are pirates, ninjas, and firefighter. He loves apples in all forms (sauce, juice, whole), chicken nuggets, and broccoli. Landon is a very social little boy and loves to play with his friends at the park.

Melissa keeps busy taking care of all the wonderful men in her life. She helped Justin cultivate their garden’s bounty and learned how to can (a lost art!). She joined weight watchers post- Porter and was able to drop 15 of those baby pounds. She also moonlights as a teacher in Relief Society, visiting teaching coordinator and enrichment committee chair. Melissa spends most of her time wiping up boogers and butts, but occasionally finds time to write on her blog, read books, workout, and save the world from pirates.

Justin has been quite the busy bee- at home and at work. At home he’s been working up a storm building things and fixing up our house. Some of our house projects include: building a shed, creating a raised garden [and having quite the bounty during the summer months!], tile throughout our house, baseboards & paint, metal curtain rods, wall mounted bookshelf, and a gorgeous barn-style wood table. Justin started taking classes at UNLV again for a Masters in Public Administration. He works non-stop for the NV Republican Assembly Caucus as their Executive Director and we look forward to moving to Carson City again come January [our third time!]. Some of his favorite activities include sword/gun/pillow fighting, going on trips to the man-store [Home Depot] with his favorite buccaneer, and rubbing Melissa’s feet [not really, but a girl can dream].

Merry Christmas!

Love, King Daddy, Princess Mommy, Knight Landon, & Squire Porter
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KinderTeach said...

Shouldn't mommy be the Queen? Who's the queen? I'm one of the lucky few who received a card but I'm glad to see all the pictures taken of your family. She did a great job capturing your family.
BTW, package is in the mail

Kari said...

Ah! So cute! I wish our family pictures turned out this well....then again, I wish we took family pictures....haha.

I also loved reading about your year, even though I knew most of it from blog-stalking you. :)

Caitlin said...

Your family, is the cutest family, of all the familes.

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