Monday, December 29, 2014

because i'm happy

recently i read an article someone posted on facebook that basically talked about how this woman is the happiest she will ever be. that really struck me - because i am! i have so much to be thankful for. sure, i have trials. i have things i wish i could change and things i'm working on. despite all of this, i am the happiest i can ever be! i have so much joy and love surrounding me. i'm heavier then i want to be and there's never enough money in the budget. kids rarely behave and gray hairs are sneaking onto my head. but honestly, none of that really matters.

justin has a job. we are in a home. we are comfortable. we are healthy. we have two beautiful boys who fill my life with purpose, direction, and love. i have friends and i have faith. i get giant bear hugs several times a day - to go along with my sloppy [and often boogery] kisses i'm showered with. i have people wanting to sit on my lap and want my attention, my love. i have the capacity and ability to teach my kids, to enjoy our time together, and i can the potential to grow. really, can it get better then this? most likely. will there be times that are worse then this? for sure. but for right now, i feel like i'm on an upswing. we recently had a trial that, looking back, has lasted a long time but honestly, it only felt terrible for a little bit. then we were blessed - SHOWERED with blessings.
i hate to get all preachy but for reals yo, heavenly father is real. he knows when you are in pain, he knows your desires and he WANTS to bless you! ask for what you need, work for what you want, and always have faith.

and in case you haven't seen pharell's happy video, watch it here. or better yet, watch this better version- always puts a GIANT smile on my face!
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KinderTeach said...

My favorite version is LJ singing Happy. You are super blessed and have lots of reasons to be happy. Just think you could be Awn with poop fingers in your mouth!

Caitlin said...

"You got a good life" -Prison Mike

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