Friday, September 26, 2014

life lately: the last time [he naps]

life lately has been active. landon has decided he no longer needs naps and i am having a hard time with the transition. sure, it's nice that he's asleep by 7pm but it feels like 10pm at that point because i am so exhausted having not had a break! he doesn't understand the concept of 'stay in your room' for quiet time. that being said, life has been fabulous, as i try to compensate for not having a baby girl. it's been delicious with my absolute fan-freakin-tastic, world's best salad dressing. i feel so bad for my utah friends because you don't have a fresh & easy to partake of such awesomeness. this + salad + craisins + sunflower seeds = heaven. life has been on the move as my handsome guy enjoys his sports class. here he is becoming the next derek jeter... if he actually hit the ball.
 lately we've had an influx of movers and shakers here. movers as in porter finally rolling and loving being mobile [even if it is on our hard tile floors]. it's also been full of shakers- ninjas!! only a dad would see a shirt and imagine it to be a ninja headdress.
 life has been naughty too as my landon self imposed a sentence of 2 minutes in baby jail. he was let out for good behavior. it's been chirpy as uncle josh got a new shipment of baby chicks and it's been wet! what a great excuse for trying out our winter spiderman jacket.
 lately, i've been feeling nostalgic. about motherhood, about my kids, about school. this poem just brought me to tears. i am entering the beginning of the end as landon is having me not do things as often as he used to- and it makes me sad. and this book, this book! amazing. post coming soon.
lastly, life has been tiring. as my baby boy refuses to nap so he creates messes of epic proportion. and i create a gigantic mess as i prepare for landon's birthday party. it is quite evident i am no sewer but i get the job done.

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KinderTeach said...

He will have a fantastic birthday thanks to all of your hard work. You are a great mom

Caitlin said...

that poem brought me all teary-eyed too. And Abby is still napping somedays, but they only last like 45 minutes to an hour. and bedtime isn't at 7 thats for sure. she is such a punk at bedtime. why don't kids realize the value of sleep? also, landons party looks like its going to be so much fun. best. mom. ever.

Kari said...

So that poem. Thanks a lot.

Sincerely, an already distraught mother

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