Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[last] toddler update: now a 'child'

poundage: 37! he is short but solid as a rock

what landon can do: count 1-10 pretty solidly and he can count objects [there are 7 bananas, 8 fruit snacks, etc]. he always gets mixed up 11-20 but we're working on it. potty trained- hallelujah! get dressed by himself [and undressed], use the bathroom completely [including washing hands]- well not completely, i wipe a lot of butts, imaginary up the wazoo! he speaks really well and uses big words [actually, mistakes vs accidents, consequences, jealous, actually], remember almost anything. i mean anything. he got that from his father. brush his teeth [about 90%- he had no cavities when we visited the dentist]. buckle himself in [except for the last bottom buckle- it's pretty tight]. be super helpful to me when it comes to grabbing things.

what we're working on: putting shoes on, writing an L, identifying letters, saying 'they' instead of 'them' ['them have a big ball'], getting 100% on shapes [the fancy one where you need to count sides are difficult]. eating his dinner himself within a reasonable amount of time. not annoying brother all. the. time. like in his face yelling or constantly trying to hold him or pushing him around. listening. not being so violent- really, this kid is rough! not maliciously, just rough.

what landon hates: doing things himself- unless he wants to be independent [lately he can't eat or go to the bathroom himself]. eating dinner in a timely manner. taking turns or sharing. eating breakfast. going to bed- HATES going to bed. or to nap.

what landon loves: family home evening- he asks for it often! he also loves scripture stories and we'll often recreate them [ex: building the walls of jericho with blocks and then smash them down], hunting and chasing dragons [running back and forth in the house with swords and hiding under blankets], hearing made up stories [typically of sir landon, sir daddy, princess mommy and squire porter. once i accidentally made porter a fairy- didn't make that mistake twice]. playing pretend- superheroes, bank, grocery stores, army, firefighter- you name it! he loves legos and building things with blocks/legos. he's recently gotten into coloring. he loves homework time because that means he'll get fruit snacks at the end. he loves going to the museum and old mcdonalds. if i had to save the greatest thing he loves is friends- he always wants people to play with him, go with him, whatever. he just loves being around people! surprisingly so though, his preschool friend's mom asked me he was shy because he was a bit reserved in class. landon shy? not quite.

landon's favorites: [according to mom- his interview coming soon]
color- green
treat- popsicles, fruit snacks or slurpees [depending on who asks him]
lunch- old mcdonalds or lunchables
drink- apple juice [seriously, he thinks this is better then slurpees]
tv show- anything superheroes. or recently, mike the knight.
movie- used to be peter pan & robin hood- now he's really into mulan for some reason
friend- tanner but he loves all his friends and will regularly tell me and justin we are his best friends
game- fighting dragons
primary song- scripture power
activity- going to the museum or chasing 'friends'
book- the boy's storybook- it's a compilation of stories about firetrucks, race cars, construction trucks, pirates, and airplanes.

what he's looking forward to: his birthday party - it's been WELL thought out. planned out? not so much. he's excited to go to disneyland for mommy's birthday then christmas of course.

what he's not looking forward to: this is in no way an announcement but i'll ask him if he wants a little brother or sister and he tells me no every single time. in fact, he told me 'we're done'. i think carson will be a harder transition for him this time as well. he's old enough to know we're alone 95% of the day and he really needs friends- much like his mother.

side notes: for someone who is super independent since birth, he's gotten into a phase where he can't do things himself. sometimes i have to walk him to the bathroom door or put food in his mouth. maybe it's a little regression from porter? it's amazing to me how someone i could love so much and so completely drives me absolutely bonkers! he just talks non-stop and is always touching my face or showing swords or guns in my face. then when he refuses to nap i just lose it! but the second he's out, i miss him so much. he really is one of my greatest joys and i love him more then words.

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KinderTeach said...

He is SOOOOO much like his mother. Can't be alone, always wants to be touched, you just always wanted your feet touched!
His party sounds like it went well. Thankfully he has a mother who says she doesn't like to do the parties, but actually enjoys it quite a bit.
I'm also glad that he knows Porterhouse isn't a fairy. Once again your plans to make your little boys favorite color pink was thwarted.
Love you baby sister. Happy Birthday Landon. I'll see you next week with Charley and a Bob.

Caitlin said...

3 years old! Wow. And almost twice as heavy as Abby. Haha. He is so cute and so smart. Can't wait to see you guys on Mondee!

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