Tuesday, June 17, 2014

weightloss wednesday: my ww journey

we'll call this my before
i have a true 'before' pic but you don't
get to see that until i'm truly fabulous
and skinny
ww: weight watchers, weightloss wednesday, woman-crush wednesday- too  many names. remember when i wrote this piece about doing ww for free? i have since updated it so make sure you check it out if you're interested in losing weight. things are finally settling down for me, emotion-wise and so i've decided to kick this weight loss thing into high gear again! i started with ww. i had a 10lb success with it last time so i'm hoping for better results this time because i actually signed up. for the online version, i paid about $60 for 3 months so nothing too terrible. having done both versions, i really enjoy using the app. i still haven't decided if i will pay for it again in 3 months time but we'll see.

i am no expert but in two weeks i've lost 5lbs so i'm happy with my journey so far. i haven't really exercised those two weeks either. this week i'm signing up for the ymca again. with my mom gone, i am in need of something to do and i loved the classes there. hopefully landon will keep his biting under control we don't get kicked out again!

so where i'm at: i am 25lbs over my pre-pregnancy weigh. i struggled with post-partum depression more with porter so it has taken me 4 months to get out of this haze. i really am happy and find ww to be pretty easy so far. i've found some things i like, others i don't. since i am still exclusively breastfeeding i [started with] 50 points with 49 weekly points. i never use all of my points but it's a nice cushion. i don't feel deprived; i've just been making better choices. here are some ideas that have helped and others that didn't work for me.

i always start breakfast out right: since it's my first meal, i use less points so i can splurge later. no donuts for me! i am not an egg person so that's been rough. typically i eat oatmeal or cream of wheat with some brown sugar then fruit. this keeps me full all morning but i'll usually eat another piece of fruit before lunch. most of my cereals are high in points and don't fill me up but every once in a while, i'll have a bowl. and be hungrier. i bought light english muffins and i really like those too.

for lunch, my go-to is these sandwich thins. only 100 kcal and 2 ww points! i don't miss the extra bread at all. i pair it with lettuce, light miracle whip and turkey and i am satisfied! i tried the special k bbq "chips"- don't like the aftertaste. right now i've been loving my salad made with sunflower seeds and craisins with balsamic vinaigrette- a pretty low point meal! i'll usually have a piece or two of my dove dark chocolates after as well. i am a chip girl so when i want those, i'll just portion them out or i bought some light cheetos that satisfy some cravings.

dinner wise, i've done pretty well. i've made healthier options and just eaten smaller options of less healthier ones. the other night justin brought home a costco pizza. looked up those points- 17 points for ONE slice! 690 kcal! i can easily eat 3 pieces in a sitting. so instead i had a sandwich and used the other points for some splurges: rice krispie treats [4], 2 servings of ruffles [10] and a slurpee [8] and still didn't go over my points. go me! adjusting to the ww mentality isn't hard, especially with the app. i've even had cafe rio salad twice. again though, i'm nursing so i have more points. when i quit nursing we'll see how that goes.

i've told several people i'm on ww and have had several
people i've been able to talk to it about. i think it's important when you're trying to lose weight to NOT be ashamed, not be shy and to ask for suggestions. sometimes you need someone to tell you that you're awesome for not eating cookies at a party or for only having one slice of pizza. i've also taken to twitter. even though i'm sure only my sister reads my tweets, it's nice to send those messages out into space. check out my tweets to find products i like.

i am still on the search for products that people like. one treat i love is drizzling chocolate on apple slices. i've tried a few frozen tv dinners and have not been impressed at all. i feel like summer time is the best time to lose weight because there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables available. if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them!
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KinderTeach said...

And how I love those tweets and blog posts. Let's me know my baby sister and nephews better while I'm so far away. Good luck on your journey. It sucks royally!

Kari said...

great work so far! I have had to change my diet drastically too for health reasons and sometimes it's so hard to give up that slice of pizza, but then you feel so accomplished when you do. Good luck, I'm cheering you on!

Caitlin said...

You are doing awesome!! Although, I do read your tweets as well. Not just your sister. You are now shunned for not thinking of me.....................un shun just give credit where it's due next time. Re shun...................................... un shun. Jk. I love you. Haha.

The Martinez Family said...

I felt like this post should be on my blog because it describes me too. 'I am doing the same. It is really nice to be nursing and have the cushion. I have been on WW for 3 weeks now and I am down 8 pounds. Keep it up! I don't like freezers meals either. My favorite salad dressing is ken's strawberry vinegarette. For a treat I like fruttare fruit bars in the freezers section by the ice cream.

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