Saturday, April 19, 2014

turn off the boob tube & read: the fault in our stars

i was pretty reluctant to give john green's novel 'the fault in our stars' a read. i knew it was a teenage love story about kids with cancer- i mean, really. how grim could he be? i am so glad i gave it a try! just in time for the movie [yes, i am apart of the bandwagon]. the way he writes- just beautiful. and real. he writes from the viewpoint of hazel grace, a 16 year old girl, and man does he capture the voice of a teenage girl. it's a love story about her and augustus waters, a boy in remission. the book was a quick enough read and felt so authentic. it's roughly their love story and their mutual love and quest to find out how their favorite book ends. i gotta warn you, it has language but i didn't bother me.

the title of the book comes from shakesphere's play julius cesar. "the fault, dear brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves". i think another reason i was reluctant to read it was the confusion of the title but having read the book, it makes perfect sense. serious. check it out- you'll probably have a long library wait like i did but it is worth it. until then, check out the trailer and just love shailene woodley.
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Caitlin said...

Ok so I've been reluctant to read this too. i am putting it on hold at the library right now. It looks sooo good!!

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