Monday, April 14, 2014

life lately: edna & me

life lately has been pretty amazeballs. i love spring and i love being outside. truth be told, we have spent a buttload of time outside. i think i need to start the sunscreen already. life lately has been walking with hats- firehats, baseball hats, helmets, and batman glasses he calls hat. really, he just loves accessorizing. it's been more and more potty training. i am dying for this kid to be peeing and pooping in the potty already! and it's been a little love bug that loves to fall asleep in my arms- any and which way.
life has been big, blonde and beautiful with landon trying on my edna turnblad sport bra [which i love, btw]. he loves exercising with his mama. speaking of boobs, it's been my boys enjoying the boobtube. it's been a milked out happy kid and some beautiful nails.... oh ya, and a beautiful baby.
life has been some failed attempts at cooking- including this delicious sauce that was actually the most horrible thing i've ever tried. go me. it's been a daddy birthing his son on a walk and a son falling asleep post-lunch & octonauts. oh, and a sleepy boy failing to fall asleep at a decent time. tonight it took 2 freakin' hours to get him alseep. 10pm! i don't think so!
 life with this adorable kid has been fantastic. he just melts my heart. he will just stare at me and smile and coo. i didn't think babies could be amazing but they are. life has been time with our mema and landon just adoring his baby brother- can't get enough. wait, that's not true. i can do without them for an hour or two during the day for a nap.
lately we've been chillin with our main-man tanner at the springs preserve. it's been a little boy trying to be a big boy and leave me. ha! little does he know- he cannot out run his mother. but what he can run with is his grandma. we were walking to a party at the school and grandma was leaving at the same time so we raced her. then landon fell on the ground and i laughed incredibly hard. and life has been a fantastically fire-free zone with firefighter landon.
lastly, life has been a sweet little boy just dying to watch his shows on his 'teenage mutant ninja turtle tablet'. and for as well as he can pronounce words, he just cannot say teenage mutant. it's been a squirmy boy who just does not want to learn how to hold his head up. it's been walks with my handsome fella and my two men working hard to keep my paradise in tact. welcome summer!

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Caitlin said...

Potty training is the worst!! But your boys are the best!! Love these pictures, and love you!

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