Monday, September 16, 2013

my sailor & his birth

for mother's day this year i got both our mom's a groupon for photo scanning services. you mail in your old family photos and they put it on a disc so you can have an electric copy [little did i realize how much work it would be to collect, organize, bundle and put in ascending size order]. i just finished up going through justin's and man was it fun- seeing my handsome sailor when he was a little boy, then an awkward teenager [hey, i remember those years] and the stud i fell hard for [seriously, his football pictures still get me all twitterpatted]. the thing that hit me the most was how much landon doesn't look like a young justin- he doesn't look like a young melissa either. he is just such a good mix of us both. i did find this gem which made me realize where landon got his cheesy gin/eye squint from.

taken on my bday before we were dating, maybe when
i turned 16? notice peanut in my lap, not landon
but they look soo much alike
justin's birthdays are typically pretty low key. sure i try to do fun, homemade, different or exciting things but in reality, that's not what justin wants. we joke but he honestly just wants to order pizza and sit and watch tv [how boring. and really what we do all the time]. for years i just made him a delicious dinner and bought loads of fruit snacks for him. this year he finally had two requests [big ones, mind you]- that we get cable [which is expensive in itself but we also had to put wires in where our tv is at] and that he could buy this giant unlv canopy for tailgating. lucky sailor got what he wanted.

we celebrated friday night with the irelands. landon got a special sleepover with mema and we had a fun adult dinner with our friends [that was for me]. today we're going to do it justin style- pizza and monday night football. it's so weird for me to realize just how long i've know
n justin and how much he has changed in those years. he is such an amazing fun father and he is so sweet as a husband. i feel so lucky to not only have a man who provides for me and lets me stay home but has the priesthood and can do so much for us, our home, and those people around us. i always tell him this but i could never be married to anyone else. he just gets me.

so happy birthday sailor - i love you more then coke slurpees, all of my tv shows [there's over 20 people], and more then i love my sleep.
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Happy Birthday Justin!!

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Cute post! Happy birthday to Justin!

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