Monday, September 9, 2013

life lately: our last days with char-char

sigh - these are our last days with charlotte. we are trying to squeeze in as much time as we can with her. 
life lately has been workouts then library time with our girlfriend. it's been running off to the park and landon trying to hard to hold her hand. it's been shopping trips to walmart complete with a bus ride. 
life has been dinners with the irelands and cranky landon deciding that he wants to be a baby and play in her baby jumper. it's been a repeat of photos [sorry world]. it's been another poop in the potty complete with an oreo and two stickers. it's been the hanging out at grandma shells and playing with her dirt- which was much better then our dirt.
it's been hanging out with our grandma shell in the chicken coop because mommy is still terrified of those ugly little boogers. it's been helping daddy plant our daddy apple tree [aka nectarine trees]. life has been creating a giant mess on our new patio then sweeping up the mess [thus creating even more of a mess].
lastly, life has been making some delicious pioneer woman cinnamon rolls with maple frosting [which landon particularly loved]. it's been holding hands as they exit the gym. it's been landon finally overcoming his fear of swings because charlotte loves the swings. nothing like a little peer pressure to make a little boy overcome his irrational fears. it's been visiting the springs preserve and enjoying all the exhibits and animals but mostly loving spending time with his best friend charlotte.

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Caitlin said...

Even though Landon is betrothed to Abby, I would be ok with him marrying Charlotte too. He is so cute with her!!! Sorry they have to move. Its no fun when people move!

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