Friday, May 10, 2013

life lately: nice try carson, you still suck

life lately has been finding some alone time to do..... business. and little fingers still finding me and whining to be let in. it's been hanging out a little longer then normal at the walmart video game arcade and landon 'riding' jj the jet plane [he is obsessed with planes]. it's been hearing justin & steven's crazy brocation ideas and realizing that they have a love that i just won't ever understand.
it has been trying out a skinny pinterst recipe [chicken egg rolls] and finding out that they are the grossest thing imaginable. and even when i tried to reuse the wrappers with bananas and nutella- it still didn't help. life has been landon mastering the spoon [really, he is pretty darn good] and wanting to use it all the time, even on a spoon. it has been lots of time in the park on beautiful days and finding another pitbull song to get me through my last mile.
 life has been finding the puppies at the park and feeding them sticks & laughing his head off [video on his blog]. it has been landon learning the art of the bath relaxation and looking as handsome as can be at the park.
 life has been landon discovering the train table at the museum and mommy finally getting a mini-break while he's distracted for more then 3 minutes. it's been finding this incredibly funny and true ecard and realizing i need to retire my measuring cup that no longer measures. life has been rebellious - and me extremely glad i'm not pregnant so i can eat dough, despite what the box says.
 life has been a happy 'swimming' baby who loves to visit daddy to give him kisses to get treats. it's been more clearance finds, including this homage to my baby nickname, courtesy of grandad. and life has been finding the perfect event to take landon to-- 2 weeks after we're gonna leave. mice try carson, it's not going to work.

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