Monday, February 25, 2013

vegas vacation

my sweet mom & my baby watching einsteins early in the morning
home sweet home!

i never wanted to leave- in fact, thursday night i lay in bed for hours agonizing going back. but also craved my routine and my husband. so that won over.

landon and his gf, recreating the lost romance of a month's past. touching toes. landon chased her around
trying to kiss her and she did NOT want him to. already my son....
we had so much fun in vegas last week! it wasn't quite as exciting as we had hoped - with landon's girlfriend out of town for 3 days due to a funeral and him getting sick again [i agree with my bff8, winter needs to be DONE with]. side rant: i feel like landon has been sick for two months straight. he got a runny nose there which turned to croup again and now it's some more consistent cough. sigh i'm sick of being sick. but we had tons of fun.
he played pickaboo for the camera all on his own- what a ham
maestro landon playing a concerto
what mommy loved: having babysitters! i was able to go to zumba alone [oh zumba, how i've missed your latin grooves. mon i was slamming it! wed i was a completely white girl mess again. but the girls missed me so that was nice], go on little errands without worrying about landon's schedule, did a session at the temple [my goal is once a month for a year. which is pitiful but particularly hard], having a girls night out with my ladies and seeing a movie. so wonderful! i loved spending time with my mom- just chatting or going on costco runs. i loved oinking out at cane's [twice], cafe rio [once] and bj's [once]. i loved sleeping in a big bed all by myself. i love just lounging around, watching tv or reading books because i was without obligations. i loved not having to cook. i loved seeing friends and family. i loved non-snowy coldness. running my 2nd 5k and doing so much better then i thought i would [30:56! it was a lot more fun this time around. the color run was so crowded that as i kept running there were always people around me to keep me motivated/entertained (seriously, i saw a girl in an 80s wedding dress, tons of elvis', princess leia and even a stormtrooper]. it felt easier to run this length. my calves weren't even hurting me and my lungs were conditioned to do it. plus my rocking playlist. sooo proud of myself!]
driving the pumpkin like a big boy
rockin hard in his overall [i know, a tragedy but i had to put him in them for papa]
what landon loved: hanging outside! he esp loved climbing on papa's tractor [just his small, lawnmower one. but he does have others that i bet landon would love more]. we were outside at least an hour everyday. thankfully my parents have a nice porch we can do that one. he loved being with puppies and has taken to riding them like horses, which the puppies don't appreciate at all. he loved all the goodies that papa, grandma and his favorite uncle would sneak him [i think he had more oreos then any of us this weekend]. he loved grandma spoiling him with snuggles, reading books or just letting him play with naughty things [my mom is wonderful how she's absolutely non-materialistic. for example, she lets landon walk and play with her ipad, even though he throws it and steps on it]. he's loved learning new words, like apple, cookie or crap [that was my fault].
he be rollin - his tractor
valentine's day fail - it's my mom's kitchen, i swear i'm a good cook!
what we've missed: daddy, the gym, landon proofed space, our bed.
i only ran once in vegas before the race and i did my fastest 1k - yahoo! 
i gave him some sprinkles on his pancakes and he only ate those. so he's his father's child.
until next time vegas [read: april]- adieu my old friend.

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Caitlin said...

Glad you had a nice gaycation. Sounds like heaven. And you did so awesome on your 5k! I haven't ran in so long! Good job pookles. Good job!

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