Friday, February 22, 2013

turn off the boob tube & read: the matched series

my friend meghan first introduced me to matched by ally condie. she knows i'm a lover of teen romance and sci-fi so this was right up my ally [padumbum]. i read these three books over the series of a year, maybe more so i'll try to remember my impressions.

matched: amazing! it started off with a bang and left you waiting. i love new series and discovering the world they live in. this takes place in a distant future where society has narrowed considerably. people live in a structured, enclosed life. they are told when they can have kids [and how many], who they will be matched to marry, what they do for work. even their arts/music are chosen and narrowed to only a 100. the story revolves around cassia who is originally matched to her best friend xander but then also gets matched to an aboriginal [those who can't marry bc they have rebelled in the past] named marcus. thus the story unfolds as cassia discovers what happened and learns of the rebel movement. it ends with a bang and keeps you wanting more....

crossed: and then disappoints. i kinda sludged through this book. it centers around the three characters taking different and difficult paths. don't want to give anything away but for the most part, the three characters are trying to get back to each other and find answers about the society and the rebellion. this book was just not as exciting as the first.

reached: i enjoyed this one much better but not as much as the first. this book follows them as they join the rebellion in three different ways and how they end up together and who cassia picks to be with. i enjoyed this book only because i wanted answers, which.... fell short. i guess harry potter just ruins things because it set the bar too high.

ally is a fellow mormon and i really enjoyed the books but i doubt i'll read them again. the first book is being slatted as a movie but i don't think the screenplay has been written yet. i'd definitely recommend it to others.
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Caitlin said...

I loved loved loved Matched, and I did like Crossed a lot too (not as much) but I haven't read Reached yet. A lot of people have said it is a major dissapointment. I am anxious to see what happens with Ky, Cassia, and Xander though, so I will read it soon!

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