Wednesday, September 5, 2012

jacob & sons

last weekend i finally convinced justin to go to the super summer theatre at spring mountain ranch. as a hater of all things picnic/theatre/musical, it was quite a concession on his part. we've been there before but due to a lack of chairs, we sat uncomfortably on the ground for 2+ hours so it left a sour taste in our mouths. this time we can prepared with low chairs, delicious picnic food, and delightful company! [wow- i feel so old just saying that]

this year i was adamant that i'd see joseph & the technicolor dream coat. as a lover of all things lloyd webber, i was so excited our friends holly, nate, sami & trevor decided to come. now, i was thinking it'd be something like this....
man, donny was a stud. seriously- a stud. even with long locks

it was more like this

the director had updated it to be more 'rock of ages' and heavy metal 80's then funky 80's egyptian. that's cool- i could go for that. i still sung every word a little too loudly and danced side to side in my low rider chair. our many, many neighbors gawked and pointed but i can recognise jealousy when i see it. there were also lots of puns [ex: when scorning the pharoh's wife, joseph kept shouting titles of songs at her "stop! in the name of love! i'll do anything for love, but i won't do that." when singing about the famine, they brought out boxes that read "all time low". but when they dared to bring out the pharah, aka the king, aka elvis in the broadway production as OZZY OZBOURNE- i lost it. totally not cool people, not cool. they didn't even do his song justice.
the setting - in red rock canyon
the gang
oh and in case you've never gone to this theatre, some old people go a little insane on accommodations. it's not uncommon to bring wine & cheese, fancy glassware and such. but we actually saw a table- a low table with a tablecloth and wine glasses and a small candy and the fancy chairs. [you can somewhat see them below on the right hand side- above the red cooler]. seriously legit. really put our jimmy john's to shame.

still, i loved the show. not because i loved the show, but because i love the music and the story. it only ran an hour and 20 min, but considering we were there 2 hours early to get a good spot and eat- i'd consider it a wash. next year they're doing the music man! so excited for that one! hopefully they don't make it techno and ruin the songs or they will have some real trouble in river city.

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Brigham said...
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Kari said...

I'm very jealous! I would love going to something like that, being able to enjoy some theater (no matter how horrible it may be) and being outdoors at the same time and eating junk. Brilliant!

ps. The comment that was previously deleted was mine - my husband hadn't signed out of his gmail and so it posted under his name. I deleted it so I could put it under mine :)

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