Wednesday, February 22, 2012

like father like son

there's a cute little pin going around pinterest that says something to the effect 'don't date a guy unless you'd like your son to be just like him'.
well i definatly have that. this little boy LOVES his daddy [don't get me wrong, he is a momma's boy through and through]. no one can get landon to laugh as well as justin can. i just know in a year or so, landon will be following justin around trying to be like him. justin can't wait to take him to bball games or fishing. just the cutest thing ever. the other day i had justin hold landon while i was doing something [prob it sucks scheduling your deuces around your child] and this is what i came back to. often these two will be snoring away together - it's adorable.

landon is also addicted to television - makes me so mad. i know some moms who are completely perfect about not letting their kids tv at all. i'm not quite there- i don't ever sit him in front of it but he'll see it when we're watching our stuff. well he loves it - almost as much as i love it. oftentimes he will bend his body any which way is needed to watch it. here he is superbowl sunday.

then he gives me this look and melts my heart.

well, landon is pretty cool. he is like a gangster - literally. i seriously cannot get enough of this little boy. which is quite convient. you'd really like the woman who wipes your bum to be in it to win it.

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Caitlin said...

I am glad that Landon can be occupied by Justin while you poop. That is an important thing. I know how much you like your poop time.

Also, Abby likes TV too. Especially Little Einsteins. But she'll watch anything.

And that face of Landon's is ADORABLE.

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

Lol I plan my bathroom uses around two kids! What a paid we make! Haha oak loves the tv too! What are we ging to do with these babies! We should do a play date one day and make the babies watch the tv and take turns napping hahaha

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