Tuesday, January 24, 2012

utah is a place full of clones & family

sorry for the hiatus- with my life being as lame as james van der bleak's movie career and about as interesting as such, i have had no real reasons to write lately. i have had fun over @ landon lays it down though.

so we went to utah a few weeks ago for my favorite niece's baptism - it was so much fun except the whole 'being in utah part'. man i just hate it - in vegas, i feel unique, like a bright yet odd little star in a puddle of poo. so how does a star stand out in a sea of stars that have abnormally high, highlighted hair and always look amazing? you don't. thats why i could never live there, at least in happy valley.
on the drive up- landon was in a haze -- meeting gdad
anyways my mom drove landon and i up and he did remarkably well, all things considering. we stayed at my brother's house where my two favorite kids helped me out soo much with landon - it was so nice! they were always so excited to help feed him, change him or play with him. [makes me think having more would be easy...except i know that's a lie]. i just loved staying there. emily's baptism was so special too- my brother nate baptized me too, and even more, he was ben's age when i was landon's so it was funny to see those differences.
emily & nate -- emily holding landon's hands to calm him down -- landon meeting buddy
hanging out -- our favorite sister looking her finest -- we got stuck in an hour long traffic jam bc of the snow and landon was amazed -- sleeping soundly on the way home
i also got to hang out with the coolest people i know - my best friends from school! us apt 28 and 29ers really were the bee's knees at suu....in our mind. kiity cait made some delicious pizza and we just gabbed the night away. landon also got to hang with his girlfriend abby--while she tried to eat his head [in her defense, it is a giant head].

we also got to see my favorite newest sorta nephew- my sister devin is a foster parent and has been taking care of an adorable little monkey who is a couple days older than landon. he's so adorable. he also got to meet granddad hurst. my jiggy grandma passed away a few months ago and she never got to meet landon so it meant a lot to me for grandad to meet him. they were both just smitten kittens playing with each other. i LOVED my feet to be rubbed when i was little so we wondered if he would....not so. we're working on it. i think one person in the family who needs their feet constantly touched is enough for justin.

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Caitlin said...

I was so glad you came up...although it wasn't long enough. A few hours of seeing every few months in not enough in this immortal life of mine.

And if you live somewhere other than Happy Vally in Utah, it really is better. Specifically in the radius of Downtown to Taylorsville.

Kari said...

I'm with Caitlin in the radius of Taylorsville. After all I live there too. Ah, the ups and downs of Utah. They'll get you every time.

ps. Landon's getting so big!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

o stink we should have played!

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