Sunday, January 1, 2012

the time i met a sister wife and husband

meri's caboose
the scene
so a christmas miracle occured - i met a sister wife. quite ironiclly because my friend/fav person to blogstalk met one at a david archuletta concert in cedar right before i met mine! justin and i ran to ross for some xmas shopping/house decoration hunting and after wandering around for a bit, justin told me to be cool but a sister wife was there too! wandering the same aisles as us. and of course i didn't notice, i never look at people when i'm out and about [that's how i missed seeing elder holland that one time! still kicking myself. so naturally i casually wander around, staring people down and trying to recall their names. as one who is cable-free i'm not a known-all/end-all sister wife fan like i should be [kelly & whitney got that pegged down!]. well i stalked and found her- meri! she caught me....and i suspect one of her daughters did too. and unlike liz, i was not brave enough to ask for a pic so i grabbed this gem from behind a reasonably priced vase. nice to know even tv stars are sensible shoppers.

well that was quite awesome by itself but i personally took what happened next as a sign that i need to get cable. my sis shannon & i were out two days later at albertsons one horrible early morning and guess who i saw outside a shopping mall jewlery store- the SISTER husband!! how cool is that?! let me tell you, it was pretty awesome. i wonder which wife he was buying for...

so the moral of the story is - look at people when you're out shopping because you never know when you're gonna see a pseudo celebrity.

but really there's no moral, i was just excited to see someone from tv.

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Caitlin said...

That's so cool. I'm addicted to Sister Wives. Well...I guess not addicted, but I did blow through it on Netflix and I'm patiently waiting for the next season to get on.

Happy Anniversary by the way yesterday. Worst. Friend. Ever. I can't believe I totally spaced it!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

Haha I love them !!

Topsy said...

awesome! i'm doing a post about sister wives too soon! they're everywhere down there in vegas.

Clint and Sarah Pickens said...

im jealous!!! ive wanted to meet meri and christine so bad!!! and i have yet to! did you know kody is president tew's nephew?! yeah. small world!!!

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