Tuesday, January 31, 2012

baby update: fours the new three & neck mold

monthage: 4

poundage: 16.4lbs
have you ever seen cuter cellulite? jumping in our jumper thingy and being amazed by snap, crackle and pop
what landon loves: his mommy. it is the sweestest thing- now i can tell he really knows who i am and misses me. sometimes when other people pick him up, he still will just stare at me and it just warms my heart - makes up for the multiple night feedings he's still having. oh but i don't even dare to pretend i take top billing over his fingers. oh and he loves to mumble now, esp when he's getting sleepy or falling asleep. he'll just mumble for long periods of times [ex: aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhwhwwwhwhhwwwwaaaaahhhhhhggggaaaa]. it's adorable.
as dubbed by emily, landon's crown as he sucks on sophie. and being a stud in the tub.
what landon hates: not being held - seriously one second on the ground and he's whining. such a spoiled mama's boy....which i love. oh and he hates tummy time but since my sister's baby is so excellent at it, my competitive nature has forced me to have him do it more and now he's on the ground for two seconds before he flips over....so the point of tummy time is null and void. double jeopardy.
livin the thug life - again, chomping on sophie, and hamming it up for mommy
what he's learning to do: he's semi-sitting up on his own...kinda...well we're working on it. he's learned that when i ignore him while he's in his bumbo, he'll arch his back, making me pick him up right then [smart cookie]. he's getting better at grasping his toys and sucking his fingers. oh and pooping right out of his pants, he's quite excellent at that. oh and we're working on holding our bottle up - justin calls me it being lazy, i'd like to think of it as fine tuning his gross motor skills. oh and he's learned to take pictures of himself- go landon.
peeing through his clothes- somehow he can pee on his clothes but completely miss his diaper and pants; they're always dry! oh and the top right is a pic he took of himself
what we're still working on: not being held. sleeping through the night. sleeping not swaddled up. not eating every 2 hours. enjoying not screaming through tummy time. rolling over better without the theatrics.
"watching tv" aka how mom goes the bathroom by herself. i liked it so i put a ring on it- my charm bracelet ring
how i'm slowly losing my mind: i LOVE being a stay at home mom [sweat pants all day? yes please] but the worst thing about it is being alone. i've never been one who likes the company of themselves [seriously- the things that go in my mind...i am insane and i really get on my nerves sometimes] so come 5pm, i am ECSTATIC to see justin and that's usually when he's still hard at work or on the phone or needs to unwind himself....so me and landon trailing him around get's a little old [esp when we try to follow him into the bathroom]. lately he's been working at night away from the house so we do anything and everything we can to keep ourselves occupied. speaking of which, i believe i have too high of self-esteem. we regularly will walk to michael or around our neighborhood like this...again, i have too high self-esteem.
our walks with my gigantic self esteem
landon's cool new toys: man this boy is spoiled- since he's quickly outgrown a lot of his clothes i've dug in his closet and found a plethora amount of new clothes. since he is usually pooping/peeing/spitting through an average 3 outfits a day, this is good news. landon's grandma's boss has also given us several pieces of fun toys - a bouncer chair thingy and a mat thingy with toys arching above[i really should learn the names of kids toys]. that and tons of little hand toys- this boy is not without an excessive amount of stimulation but his favorite past-time is still being held in mommy's arms.
his adorable outfits- including his road trip tshirt "i brake for milk" and "i'm a love machine"
another example of my failure as a mother: if you've seen justin, you know that neck length is not something in abundance in their family. well that's been passed down to my little monster. a few weeks ago i noticed landon had some kind of sour smell, i couldn't figure out where it was coming from. i smelt his ears, mouth, clothes- i couldn't figure it out. it went on for a day or two until one day while he was standing on my lap he turned his head and i noticed his neck folds was red so i investigated- and found it was incredibly red and irritated under one of his neck folds [bc he was multiple]- and there was mold in it. well, i'm not 100% sure it was mold but it was something- my sister said yeast, my mom said food- either way, something was under his neck and had obviously been there for a while. poor little guy- i seriously fail as a mother sometimes. but ya i'm pretty sure it was neck mold.
wearing our cape, snuggling with mom, learning how to roll over and learning how to hold our milk
what we're looking forward to: RICE CEREAL- what what!! it'll be nice to have landon's tummy a little fuller at night. hopefully that translate to more sleep for me. personally, i think he's going to love food. this boy loves putting anything and everything in his mouth so something that tastes a little better then milk or his fingers? i bet he'd be as jazzed as i am if he knew what was going on.

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Topsy said...

neck mold! hahha! holy cow I've got to read that part again.

Kari said...

I still can't believe how big he's getting!
And word to the wise from a mom who went through the same thing with her boy- if you tuck his little pee-pee down and make sure it's staying that way as you strap him in his diaper that should help with the peeing all over the clothes and not in the diaper.

Caitlin said...

Lick Lick Lick.Isn't it funny how we used to always want to lick strangers kids but now we have our own to lick? He is so adorable! And big! I just love his smile. I'm so green about your walks though. I wish a)it was warm so I could go on walks and b) that I was a stay at home mom.

Happy 4 months Landon!

Anna Campbell said...

Neck mold happens to the best of us... enjou the neck mold because its scary what comes next!

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