Wednesday, November 2, 2011

baby update: if you wake up that baby i will stab you

monthage: one!

poundage: 9lbs 2oz [up an ounce from birth- prob bc i'm spiking his milk with caffeine- i don't care what drs say, it's helping HIM grow] and a half an inch taller- oh and my child has a huge noggin, according to his nurse.

the high: my little simba had TWO very good days and nights- it was like heaven. slept well, woke up to eat then went right back to bed, minimal crying, and liked to play- it was heaven. sadly that all ended sunday night- i'm hoping for a repeat though. then last night slept slept for about a 5 hr block - INCREDIBLE! i kept waking up, expecting him to be up but alas, he wanted to give mommy the gift of sleep.

the low: he got his pku [don't ask me what it stands for- the dr just pokes his little foot and squeezes for HOURS to get blood out which is incredibly hard considering he's in the first stages of his transformation so his human blood just lies dormant in his new immortal muscles and is slowly being used up] thingy. oh- and he's got some blocked tear ducts which just breaks my heart but thankfully he doesn't notice. he's just got some majorly crusty and drainy eyes.

how he's sleeping: a tad bit better- landon's got some ferocious colic and gas problems- and by ferocious i mean screaming for the better part of a day. he has gotten better [when he wakes up to eat, he has started to fall back to sleep easier as opposed to staying up and playing for 2 hrs] but still, not enough hours for this mama bear. my moms been MIA for the past 2 weeks too so i'm running on empty most days [she usually takes him while i sleep a bit during the day- i know, i've got the life].

what he loves: his paci- you'd think the world was ending when it falls out. but that's the kicker, he'll open his mouth wide and whips his head back and forth faster then willow, thus making the paci fall out. it's a vicious cycle. he also loves staring at his daddy- especially after a big meal. and sticking out his tongue.

what he hates: diaper changes and baths- he despises being naked which goes against everything his mother stands for. hopefully this will change once he run wild and free in my parent's backyard, like all the other zobrist-descended children have done before him. esp the boys- they love peeing off the porch [classy people right? we do live on farm so it's not as obscure as it would be at other's houses]

how mary moo cow is doing: feeling like a cow- isn't this weight supposed to just drip off my bones? well it's not. i'm down 23lbs but i gained like 40 pregnancy pounds and 10 post-birth-control pounds so we've got more work to do. i haven't been cleared yet to exercise [blast you c-section!] but oh believe me, those 50lbs are going to sleep with the fishes.

what mama freaks out about these days: his soft spot. landon likes to go outside so one day while sitting on the porch his spot seemed more indented then normal so i grilled my mom what she had done to him. i freak out about it so much these days- it doesn't help i have nightmares where someone drops him, he gets a pancake head and becomes mentally retarded. this whole mama-bear-worry-wart thing is no joke.

prediction about his future: he's got a real fine chance of being the next tour de france winner - with his lung capacity? piece of cake, piece of pie.

and yes this is my life, but i don't look half as good as kirstie alley. most days i don't get out of my zebra pj bottoms- thank goodness being the sexy beast i am, i can pull them off--- more like pry them off. the dirt/spit-up/goo makes them stick unbelievably well to my bod.

i must say though, being a mom is exhausting work but this little puddin pie has my heart on a string. i've never been more tired/stressed out/bored/busy/crazed out more then i am now but heavens know, this little boy is worth it. i'm the luckiest gal in the world.
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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Oh man! I love those pics of Landon. Especially the 'my little man' pic and the one of his legs. I love chubby baby legs. And that clip spoke true to my heart. Haha. Being a mom rocks.

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

he is adorable! i love him!! and love that he slept 10hrs hope he does it again for u!

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