Monday, January 3, 2011

the test of moves

a wise friend of ours said recently

if you're marriage can survive moving, it can survive anything.

truer words were never said. we never have enough boxes or don't have the right size of boxes. there's always more things to clean and mysterious objects you forgot you had so you have to throw it in a miscellaneous box. it is the worst. then this happened.

story i tell people: yesterday a friend of mine [x-men wolverine] stopped by to help move our desk. afterwards he gave me a high-five and cut my ring finger in stripes.

story of what really happened: while pulling strips of packing tape off the handy-dandy tape dispenser, i pulled too hard and it scratched my finger. hurts the worst.

moving was the worst but luckily my sister helped out. we had so many good memories in 1801 [our wedding night. having friends over. learning how to cook for two. too many to write]. some bad ones too [when the maintenance people put a whole in my tub and flooded our room. our heater breaking. ants ants and more ants]. i'm sooo glad we moved into renaisssance villas- we met all of our couple friends by being in the hacienda heights ward. we've been lucky to have such a great first year place.

in honor of our last night, i made crockpot chicken & biscuits, but found out i didn't have enough cream of chicken. so i used cream of mushroom. then i didn't have a knife to cut up the onion. or a pan to cook them in. so we just made do. thankfully, i've got pioneers in my heritage so i'm used to roughing it. oh, and we didn't have cookie sheets so i cooked our biscuits like this. delicious.

apt 1801, i will miss you. actually, i miss you already.
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