Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy paperversary!

tis a happy day for us- 365 days ago, the MR & i tied the knot, sealed the deal, wrestled with cupid & lost, took the plunge, snapped on those shackles, went to the temple & got married. you know how people say the first year is the hardest but best? that's crap. well i guess i can't say for sure because i've only experienced one year as as wife but let me tell you, loving justin is as easy as breathing. dude drives me crazy like no ones buiz but he is the half to my whole, the peanut butter to my jelly, the apple to my pie.

here's some little known facts i didn't know about justin till we got married
-he hates it when you don't close drawers
-he doesn't like vegetables but will eat them if forced
-he will cry if he watches 'remember the titans'
-his back will always hurt so back rubs are always welcomed
-he loves cats. and cat statues. and cat figurines. and cat pictures

who knew that in 7 years of stalking/dating/waiting/engagedness, one could still find new and wonderful things to learn about each other!
here are some things he learned about me
-i hate closing drawers
-i love vegetables and cream of tuna
-i cry too much over nothing and often have to sit in the crying chair [yes, we do have a chair only for crying]
-my feet always hurt so foot rubs are always welcomed
-i love cats. and cat statues. and cat figurines. and cat pictures
for christmas, good couples write newsletters. great couples take pictures. but EXCELLENT couples make blog posts to recap their year of adventures. well our paperversary coincides right along christmas time so here's our run-down.
january we sealed the deal and moved into our wonderful new ward. justin was called to be the 14-16 yr old
 sunday school teacher and [surprise surprise] i was called to be the relief society secretary. february was jam-packed with school and settling in. march flew by as i started reffing lacrosse again and we took a spring break trip to utah. april showers brought mel flowers & finals. may we went on our belated honeymoon on a trip to florida then cruise to mexico, costa rica, then panama. something fun prob happened in june but i can't remember. july we went on a [my first] camping trip. august brought school and a trip to san diego. september my hubsters turned the big 2-3. october we turned into king kong & that chick he took on a romantic date to the empire state building. november i turned not 2-3 and we ate 3 slapsgiving dinners. and justin got the internship in carson city for the state legislative session in 2011! december we celebrated our first christmas 1994 2010 and had a charlie brown tree.

so a year later, i finally have learned to respond to sister harrison. my driver's license, social & bills all read 'melissa harrison' but it's still a semi-foreign name to me. you'd think about years of practicing writing it on my binders with hearts would have helped me adjust but i did listen routinely to my college classes. marriage is the funnest thing i've ever done but it's only because i did it with the perfect person for me.  i still leave drawers open and justin still has not made peace yet with the vegetables but hey, that's what eternity is for right?  

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