Friday, December 17, 2010

a trip to willy wonka's factory

who doesn't like chocolate? no one, that's who. so for our
day of christmas we went to visit ethel m's chocolate factory. no, it's not willy wonka's [or even as awesome as his] but it did have real live, life-sized oompa loompas! we got a little lost on the way and it was bfe but man, it was worth it. it was MAGICAL . and so romantic. if only there was snow. or it was colder so i could get the maximum amount of snuggleage in. 
i planned on taking justin ice skating wednesday but alas, i had a mental breakdown. who knew christmas was such an emotional draining holiday? lots of tears were shed this day so we celebrated christmas by relaxing and making cookies.

justin's work had their christmas party [didn't know about it originally] so i made some peanut-butter blossoms, cake pops for the ugly sweater party, then got my hair cut. because nothing says happy christmas like looking pretty.
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1 comment:

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

sounds like u guys are having a blast celebrating the holidays!

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