Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Ex-Mas Everyone!

the 14 days of christmas have begun! they were updated from the originally planned 12 days of christmas because 2 awesome events were planned to be included in the days because their incredible awesomeness. i made an advent calender to count down to christmas- inside each bag is a treat and our planned activity. notice my cute little 'elf on the shelf'!


as you can see, justin was way jazzed for the nativity

saturday was my wonderful mil's birthday so we celebrated with her then helped her trim her tree. she gave justin the BEST ornament. when he was little, teryl made a pillsbury dough boy outfit for him [she still has it so expect our little seedlings to one day wear it] so she got him a dough boy ornament. classic.

 that night we went to the live nativity that the Church puts on every year. this year is was through a different stake and different venue but i thought it was excellent. seeing the nativity story in person always brings it to life for me. despite justin & steven's cold bums, it was worth it.

cute tree right?
sunday was a night not to be missed- the abc family original movie 'christmas cupid' was on; staring christina millian, chad michael murray, and that chick from 'pretty little liars'. classic abc family original movie. it was basically strooge's story but differ net, it was ex-mas [the ghosts of xmas past, present, & future were her ex-boyfriends]. it was all you could hope and dream an ABC family original movie could be. justin was appalled that i love for such movies. it was no 'holiday in handcuffs' but that's alot to live up to.

and look at our first christmas ornament i found at savers- only $4! granted, it said 'couple's first christmas 1994' on it but i just blacked that out. still works. if the pioneers can handle snow,death, and famine, i think we can handle a misprinted first ornament.

we still have no tree set up but our stockings are hung by our clock with care. tree to come shortly...
merry ex-mas everyone!
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Anna Campbell said...

So is the third sock for Ghost Fluffy or Fluffy the fish... or the future little seeding so they don't feel left out when they are looking at past pictures.

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I wish I could see a live nativity! And Christmas Cupid.

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