Thursday, October 21, 2010

with a little help from my friends

this morning on my favorite radio show, mark & mercedes, they were talking about this new dancing phenom called the berney dance. seriously, check it out. anyways, i also saw on their website this list of friends that someone needs to have - they got it from lemon drop. i thought it was funny- i have 7/10. but that list wasn't really complete so i added a few of my own.

1. A photographer friend- Have an amazing photographer take some black & white action shots of you and your friends doing any number of ridiculous things. You'll say things like, "Wow, we're amazing, we look amazing, my god we're having so much fun." Is it 100% true? Who cares! It looks true in your Facebook album. [so, so true- that's why this is the only description i left on here. as my saying goes]

if it's not on facebook,
it didn't happen

2. An accountant friend.
3. A friend who knows wine{CORRECTION: SLURPEES).
4. A friend who works for a fashion label/closet/magazine.
5. A really handy friend.
6. A friend who can sew.
7. A lawyer/doctor friend.
8. A friend who knows what to do with babies.
9. A chef and/or really good cook friend.
10. A friend who is in a really solid and admirable relationship.

here's my own personal list

11. a friend who loved your during your ugly phase. and will tell you when you're bordering that fine-line again.
12. a friend who you can call/text at any hour with a hilarious story/quote/youtube video and they are genuinely grateful that you woke them up for that.
13. a friend who will remind you that you won't want babies right now.
14. a friend who will help you kidnap kitties.
15. a friend who loves you, despite you diva/high maintenance/drama queen behavior tendencies.
16. a friend who will bail you out of jail. no questions asked.
17. a friend who will lend you her rockin new skirt/purse/shoes.
18. a friend who will travel miles and miles and hours and hours just to go with you to a concert/movie/chinese buffet.
19. a friend who you'll let see you naked.
20. a friend who can make you laugh, REALLY laugh- from your stomach, makes your sides ache, have a little pee come out, snork & cackle, tears coming- LAUGH.

as one of those tender mercies in life, i have fiends that fit all of these. most of them fit more than one.

can you figure out what numbers
i have you pegged for??
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KinderTeach said...

I am not any of M & M's list. Guess I will have to settle for your list.

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Do you neeed anybody? I need somebody to love. Oh i get by with a little help from my friends.

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