Tuesday, October 19, 2010

coming home

can i just say how exhausted i am? complete and utterly, out-of-my-mind, want to curl up with a warm blanket & bucket of chocolate, EXHAUSTED. this past week has been mostly terrible with a flash of awesome then some more horrible- it's like dr. horrible constructed my past week personally.  i shall choose to speak about the bits that reek of bossomeness.

last year my besties & i started a tradition of going back to cedar for homecoming each year. we live in 3 different cities so we don't get to see eachother often so homecoming is the perfect time.

home-com-ing (noun)- the return of a group of people usually on a special occasion to a place formerly frequented or regarded as home; especially an annual celebration for alumni at a college or university.

here are our stories.

it all started with a road trip that is much like all road trips justin & i have- he is passed out unconscious as i drive. this doesn't bother me bc a- i like to drive and b-i like to listen ot my music [which justin hates]. gotta love my sleeping giant.

that night we visited one of cedar's 5 restaurants- pizza death facotry- then the tapparrisons & harripanas once again, became true t-birds. before this, i gave caitlin a present i've long been hoarding. a few months ago i found a PURPLE wand (at pandera, no less) so i saved it for this exact moment. then earlier that night i found ANOTHER purple wand for samsters. i am just so giving...

saturday i tried to get my folks to go with me to the church tour but alas, no one wanted to make some epic memories with me. so for 4 year i've wanted to go and for 4 years i have not. fail. so we went to the parade- i wish i could include every picture in gigantum size format but no one but myself & cedarites appreciate a tractor with balloons as they should so here's a collage. see if you can find the missionaries... after that, we had a quick trip to the 1 of 3 pubs in town- and only 2 of those serve alcohol.

saturday our fighting t-birds took on cal poly- justin predicted it would be a complete bomb but alas, we won! well, im guessing we did- we left at the beginning of the 4th quarter and we were up 0-17.
what up?! we bleed red! literally and school-spirit-ually.
reason why we left? to go visit stadium way aka our old stompin grounds! i pestered some RUDE person now occupying our apt to take a quick pic of our immortality then our standard football pic. sat night we saw 'the social network' [great movie! and i dont' just say that bc i'm a fb addict. even though i am].

one of the best outcomes of the trip was seeing justin & samster's bromance blossum right before our eyes. it was magical. literally, justin would jinx sam then he would gore justin with his horn...awesome.

sunday was a sad day when we departed but good times have to come to an end sometime.

we had to jet home so we could go to my grandpa's viewing & funeral monday. sad business. it was great to get together with my bros & hoes. we don't get together often [mainly because we break noise regulations where ever we go] so when we do, it's always a hoot. literally, a hoot. my oldest brother just barely discovered my blog [nate: wow, you're really funny mel: uh..thanks. you know, this isn' a new occurrence nate: you weren't funny last time i saw you- thanks a'bunches], shannon was dying of some sickness, josh is always good for some hits to your self-esteem, anna & her gaggle of hooligans are the best form of birth control i've been able to find, and devin & jared take on the dirty work of wrestling the said-hooligans.

gotta love family. by law actually. kind funny how almost 1/2 the people in this pic aren't even smiling. coincidence? i think not.

you have no idea how much i needed this home coming. cedar is my home. my friends are my family. and my family, as crazy and rude and hilarious and awesome and annoying and stupid and sarcastic and ridiculous as they are, they all are my home.
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Anna Campbell said...

well mel, someone did just die...

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I really enjoyed how our husbands were able to bond this weekend.

KinderTeach said...

We are the best family that you will ever have to stand!

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