Wednesday, December 14, 2016

harrison christmas letter 2016

*excuse the proper capitalization. it was very painful to write.

2016 will go down in the book as THE WORST YEAR EVER! Just kidding... kind of. It was one of growing pains and lots of poopy pants.

Landon (5) started kindergarten at an arts focused charter school this year. We were really worried about him being the youngest in his class but he has really excelled. He is already starting to read and enjoys building/creating (our future engineer!). His favorite things include recess, lunch, theatre, and music. He is still playing baseball and loves being with friends. During the summer, Landon learned how to swim and is currently working on riding a bike without training wheels.

Porter (2) continues to be our sour patch kid! He has taken his job as the middle child quite seriously and makes it a point to make mommy work hard for her money. He loves going to storytime and music. Porter has started to take some mommy and me classes at the community center and is working on having a better attitude. He loves to learn, knows most of his colors, the alphabet song and counting. His favorite color is yellow and loves to eat treats. Potty training has proven to be the worst thing ever but we are hoping that we can be diaper-free for him by 2020.

Griffin (16 months) is a baby no longer. He is walking, climbing, and getting into everything. He loves to be outside and climb on the jungle gym. He also loves dog kisses, wandering off by himself, and balls. He is often neglected and loves attention from anyone. He most recently learned how to blow kisses, dance, and fold his arms to pray.

Melissa continues to serve as the main pooper picker upper and ch
ef to uneaten meals in the Harrison household. She is currently serving in the Primary, working with the Cub Scouts. This year she threw over a dozen parties, including her big Harry Potter 30th birthday. She enjoys long baths (alone), going to the gym (alone), and eating treats (alone).

Justin is still working for the Chamber of Commerce and is looking forward to going to Carson City for 5 months (alone). He recently went on a trip to Peru with his best friend (not Melissa) and surprisingly decided to come back. He is currently serving in Young Mens. He  doesn't enjoy people, places, or things. He most recently built us a gigantic dining room table but that's not an invitation for anyone to come visit.

Some notable events: Justin took the two big boys on their first camping trip to the Valley of fire. Justin & Melissa saw George Straight and Garth Brooks in concert. They also painted 85% of the walls in the house. Justin & Melissa escaped parenthood and enjoyed several days of sleeping in and eating warm food in sunny Florida. Justin took the big boys to their first UNLV football game and instantly regretted it.

Farewell 2016! We will not miss you at all.
The Harrisons

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KinderTeach said...

You put a disclaimer about the best part of the letter!! Just for that I hope you're changing Porterhouse, Griffin and the triplets diapers until 2030!

Kari said...

What great pictures! You look fabulous and your whole family is just so cute. I'm sorry it was a rough year, I hope that next year you get another escape with Justin, some alone time, and happy kids that eat their dinner :) Merry Christmas!

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