Monday, August 22, 2016

life lately: SOS ; sick of summer

life lately has been patriotic. USA! USA! landon had an olympics day at summer camp and made a flag. ever since he's been all about making a flag. although he looks unhappy, he isn't. he's acting serious, like an army man. earlier this month, landon look a test so his kindergarten teacher would know where he's at in his education. that prompted me to teach him how to add and subtract. this homework combined that and his color sight words. i'm so proud of how much he's learned in such a short amount of time. we recently got the best book from the library- called the wearables. this was the mask edition but the have a mustache and hat kind. so much fun! we also got to celebrate landon's best friend tanner at his sport's themed birthday party. we really do have the greatest friends.
life has been a little rough. i love my boys so much but they seriously fight so much! it's non-stop and it's driving me crazy. i've tried different ways to get them to be nice to enough and nothing is working. is this what my life will be like for the next 15 years??! anyways here's griffin getting beat up. he's a good sport. 
 lately we've tried to step up our summer game. i have been so burned out. i'm sick of this 115 degree heat. so i've tried to step up my mom game. that means pizza. that means a teddy bear picnic [which the boys didn't really care about. that broke my heart]. i've been playing with them. we've been dressing up. i sure do love my boys but i'm ready for kindergarten.
life has been happy too. sometimes they like each other. sometimes. not often. landon really loves matching his brothers at bedtime and sometimes when one of them are crying and i'm ignoring them, landon will step up and comfort them. he is such a good big brother. except when he bites/hits/punches. griffin is really my life and joy lately- especially with the constant contention. i made some homemade bread for our special pioneer day sharing time and it was quite delicious. i had to beat people off with a stick at church. i left one loaf at home and nobody touches it. like i said, i've been stepping up my mom game. landon had been dying to do a scavenger hunt and so we did one with his best buddies. at 8am. with almost no nature to speak of at my house- but we still had a great time. we even found a dead bumblebee! very exciting.
like i said, life has been rougher lately. especially when it comes to pooh bear. he is such a stink! walks around complaining all day how hungry he is and begs for a snack. then won't touch his lunch and wants crackers/apple sauce. so frustrating! then he sneaks bananas which i have a hard time objecting because porter almost never eats fruits. or vegetables. and i HATE how he leaves food unfinished- especially fruits. i swear this boy is such a sour patch kid! i sure do love him though. he made me think he was ready to outgrow naps- and then falls asleep at the worst times. and drops legos on the floor for griffin to eat. and then stays up until 11pm! pooh bear, i love you but just stop! like i said, i'm grateful for griffin's love. but in 6 months time, i bet porter will be my angel baby and griffin will be the new terror of the time.

oy vey.
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KinderTeach said...

Today your summer ends. Good luck

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