Saturday, July 16, 2016

toddler update: pooh bear the piranah

age: 2 1/2

nicknames: pooh bear, piranha, the worst, porter pie

poundage: 31 lb

teethage: his 2 year molars are coming in and he'll often point in his mouth and whine that it hurts

what porter can do: anything his brother can do [he thinks he can!]. he tries to run or play t-ball and it's adorable. he's not naturally athletic like landon was at this age and he's not quite as interested. he's content to hold my hand and walk, or get pushed on the buggy instead of riding a scooter. and he sings! i love it when he sings. he loves songs and music and will often sing in the car but is incredibly shy. he can sing that ABCs. he's beginning to learn his colors and count to 10. he can pee and poo on the potty, he just doesn't want to. landon was potty trained by now so it's a bit frustrating that porter isn't interested in it at all. despite snack attempts. he likes to climb and jump. he loves digging in the dirt and being outside. the first time we went swimming this summer, he did not like his puddle jumper, but i refused to spend another summer holding him in the pool [he refused to go in those baby floaties when he was little]. he screamed and cried the whole time but the next time he liked it and was quite brave. now he will go down the slide and jump off the diving board.

what porter hates: everything. he oftens says "i hate __". he is kind of a big poop lately. i'm not a fan of this stage. he has taken up biting again which is so embaressing and frustrating. i thought we were past this! if he gets me kicked out of the gym again, i will throw him on the side of the road. i will! he hates sharing and taking turns like most kids. not a fan of healthy food or dinner.

what porter loves: storytime. his face just lights up and he loves the songs! he loves books, his banky, chicken nuggets, apple sauce, his daddy, homework time [mostly working on colors], treats of all kinds. food of most kinds. swimming and reading books. he loves griffin [most of the time] and idolizes landon, even though he'd never admit it. he loves construction trucks and minions. he just LOVES minions. he also loves to sleep - well, not love but he is a good sleeper. he likes to stay up later and sleep in, usually taking a long nap. thank goodness i finally got a sleeper!

what porter says: he is forming sentences now and it's adorable. and annoying. here are some of the thing he'll often tell me during the day.
"not that! i HATE that!"
"that's the WORST"
"broda being MEAN"
"griffin being MEAN"
"mama i hungry"
"i want crackas"
notice a theme? he mimics a lot of what landon says [and does] which is cute and annoying. what i love best is when he sings - and he LOVES music. he loves to sing praise to the man, songs from storytime, the wise man & the foolish man, ABC song and scripture power. he will dance too which is hilarious.

what we're working on: not biting, colors, numbers, potty training.
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KinderTeach said...

Porterhouse is for sure your sourpatch kid. I enjoy him, most of the time 😉 I love catching him singing his songs. He gets all flustered with his cute little smile. He is growing up to be quite delightful though. If you want himself to stop saying things are the worst, maybe you should you stop. Your kids have that phrase down from you and Sailor for sure. Good thing it's usually funny when they say it. Glad you're home safe. It was great spending time with you and your kids this summer.

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