Monday, July 11, 2016

life lately: the chaos that was june

life lately was full of calories. costco pizza - aka justin's siren call. dairy queen ice cream cones for the win. as meghan pointed out, look how messy her kids are and how clean mine are. i don't know how that happened because they almost never get ice cream, especially cones. it's been a yogurt face that i just can't resist and some other things i can't resist. it's funny because i was just telling justin about sprinkle cupcakes and then he came home with a dozen of them. that's $6 a cupcake! they just joined the chamber of commerce and gave a couple dozen away. winner winner melissa's dinner!
life has been hard. i didn't think griffin's surgery would be as hard as it was. he just wanted to sit on my chest for 24 hours straight- which is hard to do when your husband is out of town and it' just  you and three needy boys. poor boy. i just love this guy.
lately, the three boys have been having a blast together. griffin notices his brothers and often tries to join in their games. he's also learned how to give kisses so the boys just line up to kiss him. they especially love playing outside. oh- and that cart picture was at the new ikea store. so cool! would have been a lot more fun without kids...
we celebrated the 4th in style! we made firework crafts, sang happy birthday to america, and swam all afternoon long. we had several friends over, BBQed some delicious food, and watched steven's own firework spectacular. it was a great night!
lately, we've been joyful. lynsey was baptized six weeks after blakely passed away. it was a very special day for their family. i'm so proud of her and skyler. and there was no way that flat grandma would miss her baptism! that afternoon justin and i went on a slurpee date where they had sour patch kids flavor again [his favorite]. it is disgusting, by the way. griffin liked it though. it hasn't all been joyful though - i picked up some virus while at the hospital and got a sore throat/lost my voice for a few days. then griffin got it and his eyes were closed shut with boogies. poor guy can't catch a break.
lastly, life has been in the outdoors. our friends had a play date up at mt. charleston and we had the greatest time. the site we went to had a steam the kids could play in and play with the logs. we had a great time! and it was so much cooler. poor porter hurt his finger though and acted like the world was coming to an end. we need to do that again!

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