Saturday, January 16, 2016

toddler update: pooh bear turns 2

yearage: 2

poundage: 31lbs - porter is a TANK! very solid. he is built so much like his daddy and grandpa dave. in looks and stature. there's no doubt who he belongs to.

what porter can say: his favorite words include dada, mama, baby [won't say griffin] and lala [for landon but rarely says it], tractor, up, food, choo choo, tiger [ie daniel tiger], water, gogo, cheese, sweater, etc. he is talking pretty good it's just still hard to understand him like most toddlers.

what porter eats: he is quite picky, esp compared to landon. some days he'll eat broccoli then refuse the next. he hates bread except bagels, grilled cheeses [sometimes] and quesadillas [sometimes]. he loves treats of all kind and can say slurpee remarkably well [justin told me that that was his biggest failure as a parent as of yet, why that's ironically my most proudest]. he loves nuggets and pasta [sometimes]. fruit wise he'll sometimes eat bananas and apples but not always. he's just a very wishy-washy kid. he loves crackers, gogo's and cereal.

what porter can do: he is learning how to run a bit and it's high-larious. he's just so solid and so short his little legs can't move that fast! and his run is landon's stride, mind you. he loves to climb and will often get into things. i call him my sour patch kid because he will be so sweet and snuggly one minute and then super naughty the next. he'll often climb counters for cookies or treats. he can sing and will do so often- which warms my heart. he still doesn't watch tv too well but he adores books. he can identify body parts pretty good and follows instructions pretty well...when he wants to. he's a VERY obstinate boy. he knows what he wants to do and he'll do it when he wants to, not a second before. for example, if he spills his cereal on the ground he'll refuse to pick it up- no matter how many consequences he gets. but if we're going outside and he can't go before it's cleaned up, he'll do it quickly while singing the clean up song. he'll look at you sideways when you're telling him to do something and it's the cutest, most frustrating thing because he KNOWS what you want, he just doesn't want to do it. he's going to be a hard one. i'm learning that how i parent him is much different then landon. not interested in crayons yet and semi-interested in play dough and legos. very interested in doing whatever landon wants to do alone. he's also starting to get into dressing up which is my FAV!

what porter loves: food, tractors, books, baby dolls & real babies [he's very sweet and loving]. he loves to cuddle and snuggle. this kid, is such a very physically loving child. i am holding him and loving on him all the day long. it's so wonderful and sweet until you have to get things done. one day he won't love on me the way he does and i will miss it sorely. i know it sounds gross but his breath is just the sweetest, most delicious thing! he claims to love daniel tiger, thomas the train and curious george but he doesn't really watch them.

how porter poops: landon was fully potty trained at 2 1/2- night and day. and for some reason i think porter is behind him but he's not. he has pooped on the potty more then 10x and will pee on it every time i sit him down. he'll often tell me when he needs to go so i'm going to start
really trying in the summer. like i said, he's pretty obstinate so i fear we may have some challenges ahead. this slow-and-steady method i do seems to work so far!

what porter hates: real or healthy food. being told what to do. sharing or taking turns.

how porter sleeps: he usually wakes up in the middle of the night and climbs into bed with us. his brother does the same. he takes one nap a day and does that pretty well. we figured out a system for their bedtime. landon forgoes a nap and goes to bed at 7pm then porter goes to bed at 8pm. that way they're not being naughty together and prolonging bedtime even more.

what we're working on: not biting. my little piranha has biten almost everyone, everywhere. he bites people in places you wouldn't even think you could, like someone's back. the hard thing is, landon and him bite each other when they fight but landon knows not to bite strangers. porter has not quite figured that out. he also hits- a lot. potty training and sleeping all through the night in his own bed is another area to work on.

what we're looking forward to: hopefully utah in march. swimming in our own pool this summer. big boy undies. solo time with mommy when landon starts school.

pooh bear is really my special little sweetheart. i love his sweet snuggies and i will cherish them forever!
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KinderTeach said...

Porterhouse is the cutest. I cannot believe he is two already. I hope his party is amazing. I hope he has a great day. I am so glad that mom is there to help you and play with your kids.

Kari said...

What a doll! Happy birthday Porter! Teach my boy how to like dress up!

Caitlin said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! He reminds me a lot of Madalyn. She is super sweet and cuddly but then she has the biggest attitude in the world. Soo sassy! Good thing they are betrothed.

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