Friday, September 5, 2014

monthly date night: minute to win it

my friend meghan had this great idea to do a monthly group date night with a few couples. we've only done it two times and this was my time to host. i've been wanting to do a minute to win it style party since i saw it on pinterest [next time, i'm thinking murder mystery]. it was seriously a blast! a lot of prep time but it was worth it. it was hilarious! here's what we did.

some cute pin parties had people doing minute rice and other themed foods- i did steak, potato salad, broccoli and rolls. desert was cookies and ice cream. the games went pretty quickly so next time i might do it one by one like they do on the game show but we had a time limit with babysitters. still a great time. i put all the needed equipment per couple in a bag so they had easy access and i wasn't scrambling for things.

meet the contenders- there's team WORST, which is yours truly and my sailor. justin picked the name- because i typically am on the losing team so it makes sense really. team BABY MAKERS. i guess steven thought of this when they first got married and uses it for everything. what a weirdo. and lastly, team HEISENBERG. the greens love breaking bad, as you can tell from their outfits. it should be noted too that evan is extremely competitive. so is steven so i thought it would be interesting because steven is super competitive too. turns out i was wrong- steven could care less and the greens just creamed us all. well, creamed us. we really are the worst.

the first game was 'rapid fire'- you shoot rubber bands at a stack of soda cans. justin did this one for us- i thought he would do better then he did. evan got it right away while meghan and justin took forever. the second was 'how's it hanging?'. this was probably my favorite. a banana was tied to our belt then we

had to thrust to push an orange into a circle across the room. 'junk in the trunk' was done by tying a kleenex box filled with 4 ping pong balls. you had to shake your boody to get them out the fastest- ali took the cake on this one! i read somewhere that you need to make the slot bigger because it was so hard- not the case for us. 'a bit dicey' is when you stack dice on a popsicle stick in your mouth. i should have made it a rule that you couldn't use your teeth. 'hut hut hike' was not as easy as i thought it would be. you had to bend over then toss toilet paper rolls through a hula hoop. 'face the cookie' was incredibly hilarious as well- and really hard! you had to transfer a cookie from your forehead to your mouth.

team HEISENBERG was the winner! it was a great idea for a game night and totally fun! a nice change from just sitting around and talking.
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KinderTeach said...

Always the creative cookie. Watch out RS and YW world Priss is out to get ya!

Caitlin said...

Such a fun night!Sam and I will have to do something like this!

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