Saturday, September 13, 2014

life lately: full of milk, blocks, and food

life has been exhausting- for everyone. especially those little people who refuse to nap then zonk out at 4pm then can't go back to bed until 10pm which makes the big people exhausted. it's been a waste with this perfectly good breast milk going down the sink after another failed bottle attempt. to quote my sister , *sigh* at least i got to go to the temple on a date. it's been so fresh and so clean clean with two adorable laundry helpers and it's been alphabetic as i finally decorated porter's room. a bit.
as i said, life has been exhausting but at least we have our light saber to protect us [it's technically some light justin found at home depot]. it's been a little emotional as i saw my baby with his best friend at the museum the other day- and realizing he is no longer a baby. life has been roll-less. porter refuses to roll- i know he possess the ability but he won't. oh well, there are worse things. life has also been granola as i finally learned how to do the ergo on the back- just to have porter hate it.
 lately, we've been showing our nevada pride with this gem of a shirt justin bought last year at legislation. really, i feel like such a nerd for having him wear it but we did pay for it and he thinks its a captain america shirt. we've been getting a lot of exercise on our trampoline. justin's dad gave us this extra mattress and we've been using it a lot- just not for what it's intended for. life has also been lonely as we get grandma shell's eggs without our grandma shell.
 life has been younique. really, i feel cheesy for even putting these up but it's kinda cool to see the difference. it's just mascara that you apply different coats of fibers to your eyelashes. makes me feel fancy.
 life has been adorable with a growing boy in his new 3T clothes and a small one who has his first bites of chicken. look how happy he is! life has been narcissistic as landon loves to get in his castle [my sink] to talk to his friends [himself] and draw all over my clean mirror [which is really never clean]. it's also been heart tugging as my little boys are learning to love each other. well, porter is coming around to landon- landon has always been a big fan of porter.
life has been full of food and family- my baby trying and adoring bread, my family coming together with lynsey and skyler in town, delicious salted browned butter cookies [thank you pinterest], porter enjoying food. and my boys just being adorable together.
lately we've been trying out new costumes- and adoring ourselves in the mirror. for reals, look how proud he is of his captain america hat [technically, it should be a mask but he has a giant head]. it's been super and it's been trying out homemade baby food pouches. porter is not a fan- he knows when its homemade.
lastly, life has been full. full of smiles, fulls of walks, full of books, and full of blocks [this is landon marching around the walls of jericho he built]. my arms and heart are full.

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KinderTeach said...

You're amazing and your boys are great! I'm super excited I get to see them in a few weeks.

Caitlin said...

You've got the skillz, the mama skillz. Seriously, the things you do for your family are so great. Your boys are adorable too. Isn't it so much fun when they start playing together? It tugs at the heartstrings for sure.

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