Friday, August 15, 2014

life lately: sir landon & his king of burgers

life lately has been snuggly and close- on the ground, in laundry buckets [notice sir landon's sword and crown]. and it's been an adorable teething baby who can't help but chew on everything in sight.
 it's been frustrating as the pounds aren't melting away as fast as i'd like- and being frustrated- so that instantly means mid-day slurpees after the gym. it's been froggy like with landon's swimming price goggles.
 life has been creepy. one family date night we got coldstone and justin got landon exactly what he ordered- a giant waffle cone with some nasty cotton candy ice cream with sprinkles. he ate like 3 bites of the $6 treat. it's been lonely without daddy, which means dinner on the ground and a movie. the boys were thrilled. and it's been dressing up in one of the many, many costumes we have.
 life has been cinematic. we took landon to his first movie [kung fu panda 2] complete with a giant tub of popcorn. both of the boys did exceptionally well. it's been forest-like with our garden hitting maximum capacity [it has since been taken down. august is too hot and the flys were having too much of a feast]. it's been academic. one week ali was out of town so daddy took landon into his science class- and it was a day full of dads! how awesome is that? it's also been knightly as we hung out with the king of burgers.
 lastly, life has been incognito as the dark shadow the of the night. it's been fighting dragons with whatever 'sword' landon can find to put in his 'holster'. it's been cocalicious and adorable. doesn't little justin look a lot like little landon?
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Caitlin said...

How did i not see this post last week? And I agree...why has life been creepy? Landons face as he eats the ice cream? We got abby her own ice cream on Friday too and she didn't even touch it. she just ate the cookies it came with. At least it wasn't $6 but still. Kids are the worst! Ha!

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