Friday, August 22, 2014

life lately: the master of disguises

life has been full of adorable selfies and staches growing on everybody! it's being prepared for anything and mommy being incredibly lax on what foods the baby can eat because she just needs to get stuff done! [that's a graham cracker, btw].
it's been knightly- really. we have an incredible dragon infestation at my house. we are constantly battling them, especially at 5:30am. can you imagine? it's been taking naps in our make shift tent and sleeping bag and trying out my fancy new leggings that justin is applaud at. life has also been sharktastic. my not so little peanut photoshopped this gem.
 we've been fighting off more then dragons- we've been dealing with all sorts of bad guys. thank goodness we have captain america to keep us safe. oh look! another adorable selfie! what's not adorable is my little terror who can't stay in his room. so this happened.
 life has been plentiful. the last of our garden's bounty has come and gone. i will miss the yummy food but not the water bill. holy goodness. it's been protecting our home from naughty lamanites. we learned about nephi- notice the liahona. it's been beautiful pictures outside on the grass and a fun daddy-son date to the monthly free home depot classes. notice his green pencil case. he really was excited about it- not so much about the picture.
 life has been bugged out. seriously, the garden was getting gross. it's been watching daddy and being glad i don't have to touch them. it's been completing landon's science class and anxiously awaiting his preschool in the fall. oh look! another sword in landon's holster.
life has been squeezing into places that growing bums do not fit in places baby bums should go. it's been meeting the newest baby in the ireland family and being on the look found for any crazy soldiers! [i told you, we have a lot of costumes].
 lastly, our life has been full of parties! happy birthday to our tan man and peanut. look at those adorable faces. seriously, they were trying to smile. porter did not feel the same way.

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KinderTeach said...

I love the spidey underroos with the eyes right on his bum!
Granddad is always so proud of hearing how L is fighting off Golith or that he is practicing how to read his liahona.
Porterhouse is just cute as ever!

Kari said...

You guys do have a lot of costumes, and how fun that Landon enjoys dressing up in them! It looks like you guys have been having a great time, and I'm jealous of all your sweet garden produce!

Caitlin said...

I really love these posts They make me so happy!! I love seeing pictures of you and your kids, and i love those leggins. I want them. Sam would not approve either however. Miss your face!

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