Tuesday, July 8, 2014

life lately: tomato stretch marks

life has been hot and wet, playing with friends in the pool. it's been finding pics of this handsome fella in the original state i fell in love with him. still has handsome as ever. it's been naked and comfy - then adorable and happy. 
life has been jumpy- thankfully meghan and i share baby equipment [well, i mainly use her stuff] and porter tolerates it enough. i feel like he's slowly warming up to it though. what he is not warming up to is food. dude is not a fan. landon is a fan though of crafts- even ones that don't turn out like i thought they would. 10 minutes of work for 2 minutes of play.
 lately, we've been playing in the bath time and loving on each other. i find myself often too distracted with my phone and forget to enjoy bath time and actually play with landon. so this was fun. life has been great with friends- playing in the pool [that was a bit too small with 4 kids] and at the springs preserve. it's also been straw-tastic. this one little berry was hard work to grow- and didn't taste that good.
life has been deep cleaning & clean eating- i love having a garden! it's not nearly as much work as i thought it would be [mainly because justin usually does the work]. it's been fantastic and tough. we had a fhe lesson about david & goliath and landon LOVED throwing marshmallows at him. and life has been messy. this little boy just wants to nurse forever.
 life has been delicious with chocolate zucchini bread and vegetables galore in homemade tomato sauce. and it's been cherishing these moments where my little boy is still little.
 lastly, life has been sympathetic. it's nice to know vegetables get stretch marks too. it's been finding porter's name in the greatest places [a gym mat on the wall at landon's school]. and life has been heart-tugging and lovable.

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Caitlin said...

You are an amazing mom/wife. You really are, what with the crafts and homemade cooking you do. That face of Porters not liking food is pricless. i also love the picture of Landon walking with his backpack. Cute family! So glad i got to see you last week. Wish we could somehow do it more often!

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