Monday, March 3, 2014

life lately: a guy, a girl & their two boys

life lately has been looking for healthier chocolate alternatives for lack of having anything on hand that was better. pretty tasty though i must admit. i think all family home evenings need treats- the spirit is just stronger. so says president monson. please ignore my stuffed mouth.
life has been a handsome little fella who i just can't get enough of- those eyes, that nose, those pudgy lips and long long toes. such a handsome guy. it's also been a mema who has been incredibly wonderful watching my two hooligans.
 life has been man late nights with a wide awake little owl who likes to party from 1-4. it's been a cute little porter who is learning to hold his head up on his own and a mini batman who insists that he always wears his shiny top hat with his suit.
 life has been a visit from our cousin ayden and playing trains with him but not sharing at all. notice the grumpy face. it's also been laying down and snuggling this little fella while his brother naps. life has been my first application of jamberry nails and loving them! it's also been finding justin's twin on buzzfeeds list of people who are bad parents when in reality, i think this is genius.
 life lately has been mommy messing up her picture grid- imagine a picture of landon in his hat and porter in a hat as well. landon was so proud. it's been a romantic valentine's present from my beau- a wax vac [ear wax sucker] as seen on tv. justin was extremely proud. it's been a snuggling baby finally embracing the robe but a big brother who didn't like sharing the robe. it's also been my real valentine's present- tulips, a baby and sherry's berries.
 life was a valentine's date WITHOUT kids [thank you mema!], full of valentine's chocolates and teddy bears. it's been a little boy who was so excited to wrap mr. chicken like a burrito and feed him a bottle- he even filled it up from my tummy where he believes my mommy milk comes from. it's been a lot of sunny spring walks with my little boys- because spring only last from february-march in vegas.
lastly, life has been bread dipped in miracle. yummy. it's been spending time outside with chalk, water and paint brushes, learning our shapes. and life has been beautiful- beautiful nectarine flowers and beautiful tulips. lovely life of mine.

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Caitlin said...

Mmmm. bread dipped in Miracle Whip. My favorite. Also, I hope your ear wax thing works well for you. hahaha.

Kari said...

Hahaha, Landon's grumpy face with the trains is awesome. My favorite :) And I think the napkin on baby head thing is smart too!

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