Monday, March 11, 2013

that one time the irelanders came to carson

last week the irelanders came into town for the governor's series basketball game. seeing as how justin and steven are legit rebel fans [just ask the message boards], they were so excited. plus they have a bromance unlike any other so three weeks of not seeing each other was terribly hard on them. i swear they slow motion ran into each others arms.... not really, but kind of.

they got into town butt late thursday night [technically friday morning] so we didn't see them until late friday morning. we all lounged about while justin headed off to work. the irelanders took a trip up to tahoe and took a ride up the mountain. landon and i pooped around the house then hit up the children's museum. we met up with them at justin's work for a fancy tour of the capital- including a VIP tour of the lieutenant governor's office. it was legit. afterwards the babes took a nizzap then we hit up our favorite last session's favorite mexican spot.

saturday the boys headed up to carson for the annual donkey/elephant game [the dem's won] then we met them for lunch at the waldorf tavern [with landon holed up with the babysitter at home] and went to the unlv/unr game. taylor was a champ and did so well. we had nosebleed seats but it was so much fun - only my second game which is funny considering how big of a fan justin is. afterwards i bid farewell to my sailor for 3 days. meghan and i enjoyed a girls night with domino's pizza and chocolate crunch cakes [seriously, the yummiest things in the whole world], all while enjoying a viewing of the hunger games.

our weekend was seriously so low key but so nice having friends again! i am a social butterfly whose wings have been clipped here. so thankful for great friends who would brave an 8 hour trip just for us. plus taylor was a doll. landon just  loved on her - he's starting to get the concept of babies. so he was always climbing on her, climbing on her toys [even tried to ride her like a horse when she was having tummy time] or kissing her. he esp loved kissing her. he got that from me. oh and the car seat was a big hit. his favorite new toy.
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