Friday, March 15, 2013

life lately: facetime & his friend sock hands

life lately has been finding slurpee shirts everywhere - but this was a few sizes too large. it was a few things i forgot while in vegas: hitting my fastest 1k like a champ, finding that peanut looks just like landon, and landon getting his head stuck between my parent's couch arms [in his defense, it is a large head].
 life has been landon lounging about, watching his programs. it's landon having sleepovers at mema's and missing his mama terribly.... or so i'd like to believe.
 it's been coming home to beautiful lillies and tulips [my fav] and a handsome handsome sailor in his work portrait [seriously, back off ladies. he's all mine]. it's landon joining the m-i-c-k-e-y-m-o-u-s-e club [oh the blackmail i'll have for years to come].
life has been landon calling this cut out of a firefighter 'papa' every single time we visit the museum. every time. papa is the only name he seems to know, not grandma or mema. and my dad looks nothing like that firefighter. it's discovering landon has a love of rice and so thankful he will eat something other then crackers and cereal. it's landon being a creeper and always asking to see the kitty, which is just his way of saying he wants to stare into our neigbor's yard.
 it's been landon FINALLY learning to go down the stairs correctly [backwards] after learning it helps him go faster. it's been craving chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes from ihop and settling for a copycat version that fails in comparrison. it's been landon being a pretty princess in a hat similar to my sisters hat.
 life has been many lonely nights alone so finding anything to keep him entertained, including paper towel rolls taped to a fridge. it's been landon being a creeper in the front yard, as well as the back, as he sits by the window for at least 30 min an afternoon saying 'dada? dada? dada?' to every car that passes by. it's been my sweet angel baby being photobombed by jesus and being a weirdo who wears his socks on his hands for hours at a time.
 life has been a lot of facetiming with daddy while he's away, with our favorite cousins and grandma. it's been wearing daddy's shoes all around the house [with sock hands] and eating the pavement yet again and getting scraped up on his head. life lately has been wonderful - like always.

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Caitlin said...

I love your life lately. But there is one thing it is missing besides rainbows and cotton candy: me.

Kari said...

Aw, coming home to flowers, so sweet! I'm just loving your little boy right now. And that playtime idea of the paper towel roll stuck to the fridge is genius!

Tami said...

Bahaha the sock hand is too funny! Landon totally pulls off the pink hat too!

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