Monday, February 18, 2013

landon takes flight!

is it a bird? is it a plane?

nope- it's just SUPER landon.

he went on his first airplane ride last week when we went home to vegas and needless to say, it was quite the adventure.

*sidenote: i remember my first time on an airplane was from arizona to las vegas. my mom left me there with my favorite aunt suzie then sent me home a while later. i think i was about 12. i was so scared! i imagine it cost a total of $20. am i right mom?

our flight was early saturday morning. i was so excited/anxious to fly with landon i got no sleep the night before. we had to drive 30 min to reno for our flight so we were out of our door by 6:30. thankfully it wasn't snowy but quite chilly. we decided last min to bring our own carseat so we had quite the load with two huge suitcases, a car seat, backpack, purse, briefcase, winter jackets and a landon. we did get stopped in security. i guess my abs of steel set them off- but really it was landon. i went through first holding him then eventually they had him walk through then me alone. once at the gate it was quite busy [who knew? we picked that flight hoping it would be empty]. when we were boarding they announced that they had oversold their flight and would pay two people $300/each + their ticket if we would bump back 3 hours. justin really wanted to but i was anxious to get home.

*this is where it all went wrong people*

we got a pretty good spot in line [a53 baby!] and boarded near the front of the plane. i saw a sweet grandma on the edge and asked if we could sit in her row. she got up all sorts of pleasantly

then went to another aisle.

well it was nice to meet you too. i guess she didn't want to sit next to a baby but the joke was on her- there was about 10 kids on that flight. we made friends with another lady with a baby and proceeded to wait. for 40 minutes on the tarmac. 40 freakin minutes. i thought i was going to go crazy. i was only prepared for an hour of plane time. first they had to power wash our wings bc they had frost on them then the engine wouldn't start. then we had to wait for a mechanic. then he had to wait for someone else. then we left that plane for another. now you're thinking, 40 min? that's an episode of 'vampire diaries'- that's nothing. well people, in a crowded, confine area with a toddler named landon, it was not easy peasy.

once we unloaded we were sent to another gate to await a plane that wasn't even there. so we waited- another hour and a half. it wasn't as horrible as i'm making it out to be but i tend to fall on the dramatic side. we got ourselves some $5 pizza slices then waited and ran with landon down the walkway to tire him out. and it worked- once we loaded on our new plane he zonked out [really, before we even left the ground] and i got some snuggle time. oh and thankfully the delay bumped 15 people off our flight so we put landon in the middle seat and people just assumed we bought him a ticket- score!

we didn't land in vegas until after noon. justin's mom picked us up and we went to lunch [a disappointment]. justin and i dropped landon off for the afternoon to run some errand and so i could go gossip with my mom. it was so nice, just sitting somewhere with no one whining or screaming at you. *sigh- how do you people with no family around do it? i need my baby-free time*

the plan that night was to have dinner with my friend and her baby girl [aka landon's valentine] so i got my mom's truck and we headed over. about a half mile from her house [and one and a half from my moms] i saw a cop at a 4 way stop i kindasortadidn'tcompletelystop at. then he followed me. and followed me. then pulled me over. i was dying! i scrambled for my moms insurance/registration info and couldn't find it- literally a mountain of old papers dating back to 2002. the cops were nice. thankfully, they didn't cite me for the stop sign but because my tail lights were out. which i should have had a clue because the dashboard was completely black. oh, and the insurance papers weren't in there. so i panic called my mom to come bring it to me but the nice cops took pity on a young mom fresh in town and just told me to get it fixed. hallelujah baby jesus! i've had enough tickets in my lifetime.

so i dropped my baby off at my friends, took the truck back, got the other car, picked up dinner then made it to her house by 7. and the babes go down at 8. oh and i spilt about a million things on my shirt. not that that was significant to the story but just proves how bad my day was. it was a hectic no good day but i got there. it's so amazing how much can change in a month, and you don't even realize it at the time.

face it, vegas is my home. and i am quite the homebody. and a mama's girl.

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Caitlin said...

Boy that day fling out sounds like a nightmare! At least Justin was with you though. For some reason, I thought you did it solo. Oh and ps, Justin looks thrilled in that picture of the 3 of you.

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