Friday, November 16, 2012

happy melissa day!

go on world, party hard! it's the most wonderful day of the year! [but not without some sad business as well- what do you expect people? that me and my dad single handedly keep them in business? we love our hoho's and cupcakes but we can't do it alone. i think it's time to restock my food storage with the real food that would last a millenia... i'm looking at you twinkies] right now i am so exhausted after having spent a wonderful week on vacation with a cranky toddler, coming home with that said toddler whose schedule is severely out of whack, and who spent the night partying hard at a twilight premiere [thankfully not a midnight showing- i am WAY too old for that]. wonderful third world problems.

in honor of my special day, i will dazzle you with my birthday wish list.

i wish landon learns how to sleep in past 6
i wish for a giant chocolate mousse [sunday can't come fast enough!]
i wish for a giant slurpee to suddenly pop in my freezer every time i open/close it [a la the 10th kingdom]
i wish for a spa day
i wish landon will stop being so klutzy [he busted his eye on the corner of a car seat yesterday and now has a black eye] - it breaks my heart
i wish for justin's hair to grow long again - wasn't he some sort of sexy beast? still is people, still is
i wish for a solid 10 hours of uninterrupted me time so catch up on my shows i missed, read the books on my nightstand, paint my chipped nails, shave my 2 day old legs, catch up on my blog
i wish all of my favorite people in the world could come to a surprise birthday party for me [i just love surprises!] i'm looking at you kittycait, stoney baloney, baby spice, pineapple, arch-nemesis and bubble butt.
i wish all the calories i eat today won't count - and all the ones i ate on my vacation while you're at it

and last but not least

i wish for a fossil key per purse. granted, they stopped making them years ago but i really, really, REALLY want one.
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Caitlin said...

You're brave for taking Landon with you last night. Wow!

And Happy Birthday snookle fritz. May your hat fly as high as your dreams.

Kari said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that all your wishes on your birthday list come true :)

KinderTeach said...

Maybe if I was listed first, I would have surprised you.

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