Sunday, June 24, 2012

devin's classic winnie the pooh adoption shower

holy photo overload. stalkers, you're welcome. occasion viewers, i'm sorry. but not that's sorry. but i deleted picasa from my computer because i've run out of memory and use iphoto and mostly, i'm a huge pile of lazy bones.
the fabulous burlap banner i made - to be reused in sept

a few weeks ago my sisters & i threw our little sister devin an adoption shower, a classic winnie the pooh theme, light on the theme. anna did most of the crafty stuff- i threw in the fabulous-ness. i'll let the pictures and a few snide remarks tell the story.

*we should have gotten a sister picture. fail.

**sorry for the poor picture quality- i blame anna. she put them up on walmart so i had to click and drag them all off.

homemade honey butter in baby food jars - made by anna

the lady of the hour & sis liveri

the spread - brunch

miss personality

doing what the boys do best - get in trouble. they got "punished" about 5x this morning

what a ham

getting in trouble

 it was a huge family weekend so naturally, we took grandkid photos. but ayden was not doing his best this weekend, so he started bawling. which naturally landon wanted to join in.

he loves himself some puppies

this make anyone else scared?

 and this last one is for autumn- showing her fat girlness with pasta salad. [yep- the same one i gave you last post. it's THAT good].
in all, it was one of my least planned parties, the most well attended, and the most hair-pulling ones i've ever had. made me swear off ever throwing another large party again [think over 60 people! in my tiny house!]. it was a disaster after- much thanks to the hooligan little kids who did it that way. devin, you're lucky i love you that much.
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